Fox thinks poverty in America is too sexy

I know I try to run my business into the ground every day, just on the oft-chance that maybe, if I’m lucky, I too can join the ranks of the poor.  Yes, that’s the latest from Fox News: President Obama is making it too “comfortable” to be poor in America.

Here’s what Fox News contributor Charle Payne told Saturday’s broadcast of “Cavuto on Business”:

“There’s this idea that between the food stamps and the welfare and the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit and the local programs, you know, it gets a little comfortable to be in poverty. Listen, I’ve lived it first hand. I’ve seen when people don’t go to work because they get everything paid for them. The incentive is not there.”

In the world of Fox, poverty is fake, it simply doesn’t exist. By Fox logic, America is a rich country,  so if you’re poor, it simply has to be your fault.  And the biggest problem, of course, isn’t the record number of poor.  Oh no.  It’s that Democrats have made poverty too sexy a prospect, so now everyone’s doing it!

NEW YORK CITY - MAY 16: A homeless man sleeps on the streets May 16, 2010 in New York, New York. SeanPavonePhoto /

A comfy homeless man sleeps on the streets in New York City. Note the newspaper in his hand, he’s probably checking his stocks. SeanPavonePhoto /

It hardly matters to Fox if the reason a lot of Americans are now “takers” is because they were bankrupted by the aftermath of the imaginary prosperity of the Bush years.

It’s too bad that Fox doesn’t care nearly as much about the “takers” at Big Oil and on Wall Street. But in Fox’s mind, those people are hard-working capitalists who deserve all the corporate welfare they can get. Never mind the $83 billion per year given to them by the federal government (or is it $780 billion?) What nearly a trillion dollars a year among Fox and friends.

And let’s not even get started on Carly “19th-worst CEO of all time” Fiorina’s “comfortable” $40 million retirement.

You know things are getting ugly at Fox when right-wing Charles Gasparino has to step in to stop the free-for-all assault on the poor.

What they always forget at Fox is that it’s the Red States like Texas that are the real freeloaders. Fox and its corporate buddies like AIG, a company that’s only around because of a huge taxpayer bailout, but whose CEO famously declared that “what we find is where there’s more of a tendency for people to be more liberal, more that the government is responsible for what happens to me,” have no clue that it’s the Red States that lead the nation in poverty, violence and teen pregnancy.

And it’s the Red States that take in more money than they pay into the federal system – we call that “taking” – but in their minds, it’s the other people who are freeloading.

Brace yourselves because this one is especially ugly, even for Fox.

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