BREAKING: FBI releases even better photos of suspected Boston Marathon bombers

BREAKING: Boston Globe reports that one suspect is now in custody.

4/19/13 2:23am ET The FBI has just released two new, and very good, photos of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers.  These are good photos. (I lightened both photos a bit, you can see them better).

MSC_6140a_Suspects_Boston-Marathon_Apr15-13 Suspect2closeup


4/18/13 11:29pm ET Amazing. David Green posted a photo on Facebook on Monday, a good high-resolution photo, that contains the best picture yet of suspected Boston Marathon bomber suspect #2.


David Green posted a photo on Facebook on Monday, a good high-resolution photo, that contains the best picture yet of suspected Boston Marathon bomber suspect #2.

This is part of a much larger photo – I excerpted the portion containing the suspect.  I also used a program I have to double the size of the photo so that you can see him better.  Here’s another larger version flying around Twitter, and a third I used a different program to enlarge:



I saw the photo first on Twitter, and just now see that the NYT has confirmed it with the FBI and the photographer, David Green. Simply amazing.  It seems this might have all begun on Reddit.

Oh and here’s a cool comparison photo someone did:

A number of folks think they see Suspect 1 in the photo as well, next to the woman in pink. I don’t think it’s him, here have a look – note that the white tshirt is gone, the white on the hate is wider, no sunglasses, and his jacket might be red – the earlier photo of suspect 1, below, shows a black jacket:

People think this is suspect 1, I don't think so.

People think this is suspect 1, I don’t think so.


4/18/136:00 PM ET The FBI has released photos and videos of the two men suspected of planning and executing the bombing of the Boston Marathon this past Monday.

Suspect 1 is hard to ID.  Suspect 2 looks like someone.  I don’t know who, but the one photo of him, the profile shot, is more than good enough for someone to recognize him.  Suspect 1 is tough.  When you watch the video, you get snapshots of views of each.  Suspect 1 almost looks like he has a little weight on his face.  Suspect 2 looks like my people – i.e., Mediterranean.  That nose isn’t doing him any favors at this point.  That’s a mediterranean nose, IMHO – and the dark hair and eyebrows suggest the same (and extend outwards geographically from there, including Persian, Armenian, etc.)  Who knows, but I wonder if that kid’s family has been in the states more than a generation or two. Honestly, I’m wondering if they’re American at all.  Again, the first guy is tougher to tell – his face looks more American, but again, it’s a worse photo.  Though, suspect 2 is carrying the backpack on one shoulder, one strap – that’s a very American way of carrying a backpack.

UPDATE: I’ve seen people elsewhere note that “everyone looks American because we’re all originally from everywhere.”  As a first generation American (or 1.5 generation?) I get that. That’s not what I’m referring to.  When you’ve traveled abroad lot, and lived in a lot of places abroad, you often can look at someone and get a sense of whether they’re American or not.  Suspect 2 doesn’t look American to me – and sometimes that’s because the person is American but a recent immigrant, or of a recent immigrant family.  It certainly works that way for Greek-Americans, I know first-hand.  I might be wrong. Just a thought.

To Provide Tips in the Investigation

If you have visual images, video, and/or details regarding the explosions along the Boston Marathon route and elsewhere, submit them on No piece of information or detail is too small.

You can also call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3, with information.

First the video, then the still photos of the two suspects:



Suspect 2

Suspect 2


Suspect 2


Suspect 2


Suspect 2

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  • Placenticeras

    See the white object behind his right side as he is running away?? You can find the original 3000 pixel wide image online and compare yourself. This is absolute proof the FBI photoshopped his backpack OUT.

  • Placenticeras

    the pic

  • Placenticeras

    Here’s a blowup of the photo of Green holding his iphone next to the released photo:

  • Darkness

    Craft mercenaries were apparently at the site.

  • Elle

    I have searched it too. Ralph Lauren uses only number 3 on their hats

  • Anonymous

    So… Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that the FBI released pictures of the “suspect” and in one picture, his hat has the number “7” and in the other, the number “3”…
    How exactly does that happen? I’ve looked up the hat online, and it’s a Ralph Lauren hat, and it’s supposed to have the number “3”.

  • Pharaoh90

    Does nobody else notice and 7 and 3 that are constantly swapping on the side of the white hat of suspect 2?

  • Hasn’t anyone noticed that the backpack that had the bomb in it was black and had a white square patch on it? The younger brother’s backpack was mostly WHITE and he had it with him in the pics after the bombing, hanging from his right shoulder. The older brother’s backpack was also on him after the bombings. However, one of the “government” guys in khaki pants had a black backpack with a white square patch on it just like the one the bomb was in and he DIDN’T have it on him after the bombings.

  • Columbiacoupon

    Man in photo next to woman in pink looks oriental and suspect 1 was wearing a white shirt. I don’t believe that is the same person. Also the white on the sides of the person photographed is wider than the photo of suspect #1’s hat.

  • Ethnicity / Religion

    Jewish is both an ethnicity and a religion. I have partial Jewish ancestry but I’m not Jewish by religion. Once after being introduced to a rabbi’s wife, she commented that I “definitely have Jewish ancestry” based on my physical appearance.

    This should be common sense..

  • Huh?

  • Eric

    They kind of look like all those independent military personnel that were down there at the blast site, no? C’mon guys, Patsy Cline….

  • I’ve never seen a pressure cooker small enough to fit in either of those two backpacks without making the bags look huge. Does any company make pressure cookers that small? It seems odd that both bags appear loose around the contents. I would expect a pressure cooker to bulge out against the bags. Those bags don’t seem full enough to contain pressure cookers. Just my opinion. I find it quite strange.

  • TecRec

    He looks Jewish?! So, you’re able to identify someone’s religion – if someone is Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, etc. – by facial features and general appearance now? Impressive. Please teach us this unique skill. Suspect #1’s girlfriend is apparently Muslim, according to the profile reports. Silly me, I would have said “that girl looks Catholic,” if I was picking her out of a picture of a crowd.

  • It has been ruled out that they are cone heads.

  • ppppfffftttt

  • Well, well, well. My analysis of the photos isn’t so goofy now :)

  • Oh, and btw, I was right – immigrants and immigrant families, and I was right about the region generally. :)

  • No he is not. You being a jerk for calling him that. I thought the same thing the first time I saw the video. I’m sure the FBI has ruled that person out but it still look suspicious because the sheer size of his backpack (that looks like it could hold a pressure cooker).

  • SkippyFlipjack

    The FBI just released a newer, even better photo of the suspect..

  • UncleBucky

    A-hem, and, given the success of this search, do NRAer “self-appointed militia” types think they would accomplish what they want with their arms caches?

    Now, back to the story.

  • Well there goes my grand theory! lol

  • Crazy. Looks like they are brothers and Chechen – so from the Caucus region – which is a look that is fairly close to mediterranean.

  • Not that it matters at this point, I’m sure he’s ditched the hat…but its a ralph lauren polo hat.

  • Agree

  • blueridgewv

    Suspect number 2 in white hat looks Jewish (hardly Greek or merely white!). They are calling him a terrorist now on State Police reports and is still at large. Note in the pics above of him from cell phone the man next to him has MIT sweatshirt on, which is where the confrontation began early this morning. He was throwing bombs out the window of a Mercedes SUV at police chasing him. MSNBC had best interview of man in apartment over Skype who saw the shootout with police and backpacks left around SUV which the bomb squad had to come and handle.

  • Krusher

    I have a feeling getting to work in Boston this morning is going to be a problem at least until they have #2 in custody. Might have to work from home today.

  • If his name is Cyrano, I’ll lose it.

  • That’s true. Even Ann Arbor

  • OK John. Opps, sorry Myrddin, I was channeling my inner crabby appleton .

  • OMG Southern Mormons!

  • Nah, it was just Myriddin gets hyperventilated again and Nicho playing.

  • Jim Olson
  • New photos. #1 looks Pakistani (though again, more widely Mediterranean).

  • LOL

  • Yep, we have a post up ;)

  • New FBI photos released at 2am ET – both of these guys look similar ethnicity. See above.

  • FunMe

    Or Mormons!

  • HolyMoly

    An additional thought:

    The only governments who could benefit from sponsoring an attack such as Monday’s would be ones who are our “allies.” Israel could persuade a few disillusioned Arabs or Persians to do it, and then spread the (false) rumor that they were sponsored by the Iranian government. Israel’s benefit? They’ve been trying for decades to get us to attack Iran.

    I’M BEING FACETIOUS, by the way.

  • FunMe

    Or Florida. ;-)

  • HolyMoly

    Domestic terrorists don’t have a history of claiming responsibility, for whatever reason. Ted Kazinski is the only one I can come up with who came close to claiming responsibility — when he got his manifesto published — but he was a mentally deranged individual, not part of a group.

    Foreign terrorists usually do claim responsibility, though I won’t rule out the possibility that it was a foreign (non-state) group. Could be a couple Pakistani or Afghan individuals who lost children to a drone strike, rather than a terrorist organization. Who knows?

    But a government-sponsored attack…what would any foreign government gain from bombing a marathon?

    Israel funded and trained the terrorist organization MEK to murder Iranian scientists. They had something to gain by that — impeding what they see as an Iranian attempt to develop nuclear weapons.

    What would Iran or any other nation gain from Monday’s bombing? They’d have a great deal to lose if they did something like this, so I think they’d want an attack to have some sort of significant impact on our economy or our military capabilities.

    Even al-Qaeda had an intended outcome (not just “terror”). The 9/11 attacks were designed more to goad us into bankrupting ourselves as we scatter our troops all over the world. Bin Laden’s statements, which came in an interview a few years after the attacks, focused more on the economic impact. The number of victims was a secondary “benefit.”

    I forgot who it was…maybe Cheney or Rumsfeld…after 9/11 who said something like “can we pin this on Iraq?” They were gunning for a war with Iraq even before 9/11. Their hope was that they could use this as their cassus belli. Just waiting now for all those who had been beating the war drums for an attack on Iran to start trying to tie this to them. Long before any facts are known.

    Anything is possible, but my money is still on lily-white domestic terrorism. This is their holy week.

  • benb

    By releasing the photos of the suspects, the FBI has flashed the info to the rest of the Internet connected world–not just the US. The two may have made it to Logan and flown out of the country (e.g. South Carolina or Kansas), but it may be the case that eyeballs all over the globe are looking.

  • AdmNaismith

    Right, because only brown A-rabs could possibly be murderous raving lunatics.

    You’ll also notice after OK City we weren’t profiling 20-something white guys and beating them in the streets.

    No one has the market cornered on extremism, and terrorist acts like this are more likely to have local causes/perpetrators.

  • nicho

    That was 20 years too late.

  • nicho

    You’re feeding a troll. Bruno is just being a dick.

  • HolyMoly

    Definitely a possibility. If these guys are part of some homegrown extremist group, more than likely the FBI has had someone on the inside for years — either an undercover agent or an informant. They’ve probably got names, pictures, and all sorts of other intel goodies, and if these guys belong to any one of those groups, they’ve likely already been named.

  • nicho

    Jeez. He’s probably a guy you don’t to get pissed off at you for making fun of his nose.

  • nicho

    Apparently, the attendants are late with the meds again. :-)

  • HolyMoly

    Didn’t the FBI guy say that suspect #2 was seen (presumably on video) placing his bag down at one of the two bombing sites?

  • nicho

    Not to the extent of Boston, with a huge number of colleges. The average age in Boston is like 26. So young people don’t stand out as much.

  • nicho

    Well, there are 100 or so definitions, but violence against civilians seems to be a common thread. If you count acts of vandalism, then we’re up to our ears in terrorism.

  • nicho

    All sorts of stuff going down in Boston. MIT cop shot and killed in Cambridge. In suburban Watertown, reports of gunfire and explosions during “manhunt.”

  • pappyvet

    LMAO, Oh but for a truly world class psychiatrist

  • HolyMoly

    Looks to me like the two guys were on the sidewalk and rounded the corner. You can see that the person in yellow is coming onto the sidewalk after crossing the street. That person doesn’t appear to be with them to me.

    At about 0:22 on the video above, you see the first guy coming around the corner. Notice that he was on the sidewalk from around the corner (he passes between the building and lightpost). Then at about 0:24 you see suspect #2. Same thing, on the sidewalk from around the corner, passing between the building and lightpost. At 0:25 you see the person in yellow come into the picture. He’s in the street (outside the lightpost) like he’s crossing over and onto the sidewalk. He wasn’t in line behind them when they were around the corner.

  • That photo of #2, if he’s not wearing a fake face, he’s gonna be caught. Someone is going to know him, or recognize him on the street.

  • cole3244

    one thing we do know for sure, we will be surprised when they are caught and their true identity is revealed, that will be sooner rather than later imo.

  • Terrorism requires murder then?

  • Look at the white on the hat in the two pics – on the sides of the hate – looks far fatter in one pic vs the other. I don’t think it’s the same guy. Where’s the white tshirt – he looks like he has a turtleneck on.

  • They’re not “supposed” to look like anything. But people who travel a lot, and have lived in other countries especially, can get pretty good at identifying differences between people.

  • nicho

    Suicide bombers would wear the explosives, not leave them on the ground. All the injuries indicate the bombs exploded at street level. A lot of lower extremity injuries.

  • nicho

    There are some eco extremists who have committed vandalism and arson, but no “terrorism” that I know of. Please provide an example where they have murdered innocent bystanders,

  • AEM

    There is a baby stroller with a green bag and red(?) on it, the hat, tan slacks and shoes match subject #1 in the other pictures.

  • CattyNineTails

    “Who knows, but I wonder if that kid’s family has been in the states more than a generation or two. Honestly, I’m wondering if they’re American at all.”

    How exactly are Americans supposed to look ?

  • ezpz

    In the top picture of this post (maybe a new pic?), the nose on #2 looks completely different than what we saw earlier — which seems to give some credence to the enhanced nose theory – OR – could it be someone altogether different?

  • Already saw that, I don’t think it’s hime – I’ll enlarge and post so folks can see, I think his hat is different, no tshirt, jacket might be red

  • AEM

    If you look at the picture where subject #2 is in front next at the corner, look down the street after the shoes on the ground next to a lady in pink it looks like subject #1 is there.

  • That’s been mentioned on the news – apparently it does give us some insight, such as, they had to have an exit plan, it’s why they’re searching video from the subway etc.

  • I’m just going to leave this comment up because we all needed a good laugh. Oh, and you’re banned ;-) Haveaniceday.

  • LOL be nice to Myrddin ;-) But yeah, I have Ts with writing on them, I’ve worn caps backwards, but stopped when I hit 40 :)

  • Of course it is. It’s not racial profiling noting someone’s race. The first thing the cops ask when you’re mugged – and I know, because it happened to me – is to describe the person – gender, race, age, height for starters. Same here. Any info about who this guy might be is relevant. The problem arises if you say “only look at the black guys in the photo because we all know a white guy wouldn’t do it” – then you’re racially profiling and being kind of dumb. As I mentioned above, Andrew Gumbel told me during our interview the other day that that’s exactly what they did with the OK CIty bombing investigation – they refused to look at evidence pointing to McVeigh because they were convinced it was a middle easterner.

  • Actually, the Bloomberg story just out seems to suggest that one of the victims ID’d one of them or both of them, that may be why the photos were released.

  • And that’s the concern in the back of many minds, especially after all the “he was arrested!” stories yesterday.

  • ABE


  • Of course, Chicago is the same way. Lots of big American cities.

  • Actually, it’s interesting you say that – when I interviewed Andrew Gumbel the other day about the OK City bombing, he said that they were so intent on finding a middle easterner that they missed key evidence pointing to McVeigh at the beginning.

  • Wish I’d seen this earlier, this is now the top story on CNN and the NYT – the photo is real. I don’t think that’s guy number 1 by the pink woman – I enlarged the photo, the white tshirt is gone, the hat is slightly different, and the jacket might even look red in this pic.

  • I was wondering about that too

  • B. Soebarkah


  • No, of course not. The idea that this particular bombing was the work of “eco terrorists” is ridiculous on its face, but you seemed to be saying that the very notion of “eco terrorist” is ridiculous, which it plainly is not.

  • nicho

    Are you suggesting the bombs were aimed at genetically altered crops along the parade route?

  • B. Soebarkah

    I’m referring to the photo of WHITE HAT fleeing the scene with brick wall in background. There’s a huge hi-res photo I’ve seen elsewhere, with his head just as badly photoshopped. Somebody is playing games here.

  • B. Soebarkah

    Is there a reason there’s a SQUARE PIXELATED AREA completely covering (and slightly surrounding) WHITE HAT GUY’S head? Looks like his head was photoshopped and/or pasted on. Somebody needs a photo-doctoring course in Photoshop, I recommend SVA (School of Visual Arts).

  • Yes, a shopping bag.

  • Looked like a Groucho nose without the eyebrows.

  • Guess the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle firebombed itself a while back.

  • Tor

    they look like southern baptists.

  • nicho

    Looks like a shopping bag to me. A lot of people buy souvenir merchandise on that day. You see a lot of shopping bags.

  • nicho

    Having lived in that neighborhood for many years, I can tell you there is nothing about either of them that would make them stand out. Not even the backpacks. I used to walk to the grocery store and carry all my groceries home in a backpack like that. And they were a lot heavier than a pressure cooker. My pressure cooker weighs 7 pounds. Two liters of coke weigh 5.5 pounds.

  • Did anyone notice that trailing those two at about the same distance was an older man with a small shopping bag?

  • nicho

    Just about what the average high-school kid carries every day.

  • nicho

    Right. I’m sure that the FBI has asked every store, bar, etc. that has surveillance video to go over Monday’s recordings. I’m guessing they have more stuff they’re not showing us. I’ve posted a photo that I found that shows them leaving the scene without the backpacks. Don’t think the FBi doesn’t have more. It’s also possible the FBI knows pretty much who they are and are releasing these photos to spook them into doing something foolish.

  • ezpz

    Don’t remember who, but some investigator-pundit on tv said that #2’s nose could be enhanced, he could be wearing makeup and a wig, since he was acting so brazenly – so unafraid of being seen.

    In other words, it could be anyone, of any ethnicity, any nationality, any political mind set.
    We just don’t know.

  • nicho

    You’ll need to ask the FBI.

  • Why is not that person in yellow shirt and a backpack a suspect too? he/she emerged from the same place..

  • Fill that pressure cooker with nails and ball bearings and enough smokeless powder to equal a stick of dynamite and I suspect we’re talking way heavier than a mere seven pounds. Probably more like 20 lbs each.

  • Thanks haven’t seen this. Is anyone talking about how these were not suicide bombers? I haven’t seen anything and dont’ know if that can even give us insight or not.

  • dula

    Tell that to Richard Jewell.

  • mwestport

    NO 2 backpack looks a lot like the exploded one they have been showing. Also I have 3 pressure cookers (yes I am a PC booster for sure). Two of them are suprisingly small and a little tall. The handles can be removed with a screwdriver on those two pots. You could easily carry one in a back pack. I am glad they are using all means at their disposal to catch the murderers. I live in Boston; it feels very different when it happens in you own backyard.

  • nicho

    Another photo, which I just found on the web, shows the two leaving the scene — without backpacks — after the explosion. White hat guy is in the foreground. The other guy is back by the woman in pink.

  • Kalil

    Last I heard, the ‘official’ story was that there were only two explosives.
    I do remember hearing that a third ‘suspicious package’ was detonated ‘in a controled fashion’, but that it was never positively IDed as an explosive. By now, they’d have a Yes/No on that, and it sounds like it was a ‘No’.

  • There definitely has to be more going on behind the scenes. The fact that they’re asking us probably means they really do need our help although part of me wonders if it’s just a ploy to play to the information age. Have the people solve it – that way these bad guys will be a bit more scared than if the big bad government just hunted them down. If they fear the collective populace that could be a bigger deterrent.

  • Ethnicity is a defining characteristic. It’s essential to narrowing down the search. The first one – I really can’t tell – could be white or black..the second one definitely looks mediterranean to me.

  • AdmNaismith

    White guys- how about that?

    I think we need to be profiling every 20-someting big-nose (Greek, Italian, Jewish) white guy in the Boston and surrounding areas ’cause all white guys are dangerous radicals who hate us for our freedom.

    Fox News, start your engines. Wait am I saying, they are white guys not brown guys, nothing to see here.

    (stop talking about it!)


  • I agree. The issue really is when we say “white” we mean “non-arabic white” because technically arabs are caucasian (white). I know this is sort of splitting hairs but I don’t view arabs as non-white.

  • AdmNaismith

    Lots and lots of guys wear their caps backwards. It’s stupid if you are being a terrorist but not suspicious.

  • nicho

    Boston is a college town with about 400,000 students of all ethnicities. Many of them stay around after graduating. No one of any national origin is unusual in Boston.

  • nicho

    Eco terror — a phrase made up by the corporatist media. They thank you for your cooperation.

  • It’s probably Assar Arafat come back from the grave!

  • We know without doubt now that it isn’t Paula Grant.

  • “And most Americans wear their cap forwards;” “I don’t think I have a single Tee without writing on it;””It could be some sort of loony eco-terror organization.” Honestly, Myrddin, you need to get more often.

  • judybrowni

    In any case, I called it: knew it would be a white guy(s),
    My second shot at prediction: rightwing loonies.

  • Or Kansas

  • Blog post ;)

  • Well, once we release photos and tell the entire country they did it, which is in essence what the FBI just did, it’s fair game to try to speculate as to who they are. As for the pros, I’m pretty darn good at figuring our people’s ethnic backgrounds and mixes – at least for Europeans and the mediterranean. But in any case, if we’re going to speculate on whether we know the bombers, it’s fair game to speculate on their ethnicity etc.

  • No, clearly they have some other evidence they’re not showing us.

  • Huh?

  • That is still two guys with two backpacks. What about the third that was set of by bomb control with a water canon and the other two found? Or was that another mistake by the media?

  • dula

    Are they suspects because they have backpacks? Their body language doesn’t indicate any men-on-a-mission intensity.

  • George Melby

    I’m not sure about Suspect #1 but Suspect #2 seems to be in a hell of a hurry for some reason or another. #2 would probably lead the FBI/CIA to whoever is the cohort in this crime.

  • pricknick

    At this point, most everything is speculation.
    Prove it.

  • Indigo

    Welcome to America’s first high tech, socially inclusive, televised manhunt. Everybody gets to be a hunter. I think they look like a pair of rednecks, ethnicity mixed ordinary americano. They’re probably gone to Canada by now. Or South Carolina.

  • there are plenty of white skinned arabs, ever hear of Bashar Al-assad? The people in Lebanon and Syria especially in the costal regions tend to be white skinned or otherwise lightly tanned skin
    Id go as far to say Iranian backed these guys are likely hezbollah with an iranian handler who scouted and drew up the plan for them a week before. Iran has been on a terrorism spree over the past 12 months with various bombing attacks around the world aimed at the israelis. No group claims responsibility makes me think its government sponsored

  • Bill

    suspect 2 is North African/Middle East… Suspect 1 Pakistan/India

    suspect 2 could be Italian descent

  • I don’t think we can rule out anything as yet. We have FBI photos and videos of two suspects.

    That doesn’t mean these two dudes did it, as in there’s proof.

  • RyansTake

    agree on all accounts, though my reply was meant for John’s blog above, not your comment.

  • HolyMoly

    The logo wouldn’t really tell anyone much. Could be an old hat bought years ago, stolen, or a random purchase at WalMart on the other side of the country.

    I can’t tell what it looks like, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Red Sox hat. I’ve always assumed that you don’t want to wear a Yankees hat, for example, while walking the streets of Boston. “B” for “blend in.”

  • pappyvet

    There is also a person in a yellow jacket with what looks to be a full backpack looking at what could be an Ipad or something. I’ll wait till there is some proof, too much speculation,not enough cement

  • MyrddinWilt

    Actually the conclusion I was drawing was that the wingnut assertions about Islamic terror seem to be contradicted. At this point there seems to be no particular evidence supporting the Murdoch press pet theory and quite a lot to suggest another pair of Timothy McVeigh types.

    It is also clear that the names and addresses being circulated by Murdoch’s rags are the wrong people.

    The evil bastard is beneath contempt. I hope they can sue for libel.

  • Suspect 1’s hat has been identified by some internet users as a Bridgestone Golf Hat.

    Suspect #2 looks like there’s a logo on the side of the cap – it looks like a stylized capital “T” to me. Something looks familiar about it.

  • MyrddinWilt

    I agree on #2. The pictures of #1 are pretty bad. Can rule out north Korea, China and Africa. But could be Indian, Arab or lilly-white with a tan.

  • An example I found at Amazon is 17x11x8 and weighs 7 pounds. It would be a little heavy – maybe like putting two or three laptops in a backpack.

  • RyansTake

    They were released so we could all muse about them?

    Here I thought they were released because the FBI thought someone out there may be able to identify them.

    Gah…. sorry for the ‘tude, I just don’t like the speculation, because we know very little. I thought suspect 2 looked Mediterranian, too, but what I think/don’t think is *entirely* unhelpful, and if the public gets it stuck in their mind that he’s Mediterranian, and he ends up being something else, then not only was musing not helping, but could actually hinder the investigation.

    Let’s just all take a look at the photo, see if we recognize anything that could be helpful (identification, brand name of something they’re wearing, etc.), and leave the rest to the pro’s.

  • pappyvet

    Thanks! I really wasn’t sure about the sizes . Wish we could clearly see the logo on suspect 1’s hat

  • MyrddinWilt

    Unfortunately, most of the cameras pointed at the race…

    They do look rather dumb though.

  • MyrddinWilt

    I expect the FBI tried it out.

    Pressure cookers come in various sizes. Both bags look very heavy from the way they are carrying them.

    Much easier to place those backpacks on the ground in a crowd than a duffel. Just put it down ar your feet, wait till people have got used to it being there, pull the firing cord (or whatever) and walk away.

  • pappyvet

    Interesting,hope they catch the people who did this. I admit that I dont know much about backpacks that many young people seem to carry. But I know how big a pressure cooker is. Could you really conceal one in either of those bags? Honest question here.

  • MyrddinWilt

    One strap just means that they are really hot in that big thick coat and carrying that pack. So why not put the coat in the pack?

    Wearing the cap backwards was a huge mistake. It made the ID possible. And most Americans wear their cap forwards. I think he is unlikely to be doing it to blend in.

  • Agree. I also don’t get much from the way they walk, which sometimes suggests where someone is from.

  • That’s what I thought.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Certainly not military or intelligence trained.

    Would be much harder to ID them if they wore sunglasses. And see how cap forwards is practically impossible to ID but cap backwards gives us a fill frontal and a profile, all without any shade from the cap.

    Dress is telling too. Almost everyone else in the photo is wearing jeans and sneakers, the suspects are wearing Khaki pants and navy pants and shoes. No logo on the T-shirt which is kind of odd. I don’t think I have a single Tee without writing on it. I have plain polo shirts but no plain Tees. Oh and both are wearing the same thing like its a uniform.

    Looks to me like they were trying to be anonymous.

    Would not surprise me if they turn out to have been peddling the #falseflag meme on Twitter and the wingnutosphere.

  • In the photo of suspect 2, where his face is circled, it looks like he might have his hand up to his ear. Is he on a cellphone?

  • who would have imagined so many cameras and so much footage to review from so many angles. And then these two just strut right through open sidewalk space minutes before the blasts. If it is these two, they seem a bit dumb

  • HolyMoly

    When I saw the nose, I was thinking Italian or Greek ancestry. Which I think there would be a ton of people living in the Boston area with Italian ancestry. I don’t know about Greeks.

    The thing about the U.S. is that you can’t look at a guy and say he’s foreign or domestic. We’ve all got “foreign” features.

    Even the little things, like carrying a backpack with one strap the “American” way (or the American college way) don’t tell me much. It could be a foreigner who spent some time observing the way Americans wear their clothes (hat on backwards), carry their backpacks, etc. in order to more convincingly blend into a crowd.

    At least we can rule out a mentally disturbed lone actor. A couple of guys working together suggests the possibility of a group action, whether just the two of them alone or if there were others involved in the planning.

    I’m sure these guys did a few dry runs in the days or weeks prior to Monday, so maybe there’s security cam evidence of that with perhaps a much clearer shot of their faces.

  • 2 is definitely white – they both are – but in several of these shots, including in the video, that nose screams Mediterranean to me. Also the hair. Obviously, who knows? But I still think #2 is awfully exposed in these pics, versus 1.

  • MyrddinWilt

    If it is the two men, it is unlikely to be a serial killer/spree killers. Serial killers mostly work alone. Mid twenties makes it unlikely to be insurance fraud.

    Looks most likely to be politically motivated.

    Suspect #2 looks pretty white to me. I have seen tens of young men in their 20s who look like that wearing teabagger shirts in the supermarkets. They stick out like a sore thumb round Boston. Had one shout abuse at me because there is an anti-Bush bumper sticker on the back of my car which he seemed to think is the sort only Republicans should be able to afford.

    It could be some sort of loony eco-terror organization that has just surfaced but I bet it isn’t. Looks almost certain to be a white college wingnut teabagger.

    Of course the teabaggers already know this which is why they are bleating about a false flag attack.

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