BREAKING: FBI releases even better photos of suspected Boston Marathon bombers

BREAKING: Boston Globe reports that one suspect is now in custody.

4/19/13 2:23am ET The FBI has just released two new, and very good, photos of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers.  These are good photos. (I lightened both photos a bit, you can see them better).

MSC_6140a_Suspects_Boston-Marathon_Apr15-13 Suspect2closeup


4/18/13 11:29pm ET Amazing. David Green posted a photo on Facebook on Monday, a good high-resolution photo, that contains the best picture yet of suspected Boston Marathon bomber suspect #2.


David Green posted a photo on Facebook on Monday, a good high-resolution photo, that contains the best picture yet of suspected Boston Marathon bomber suspect #2.

This is part of a much larger photo – I excerpted the portion containing the suspect.  I also used a program I have to double the size of the photo so that you can see him better.  Here’s another larger version flying around Twitter, and a third I used a different program to enlarge:



I saw the photo first on Twitter, and just now see that the NYT has confirmed it with the FBI and the photographer, David Green. Simply amazing.  It seems this might have all begun on Reddit.

Oh and here’s a cool comparison photo someone did:

A number of folks think they see Suspect 1 in the photo as well, next to the woman in pink. I don’t think it’s him, here have a look – note that the white tshirt is gone, the white on the hate is wider, no sunglasses, and his jacket might be red – the earlier photo of suspect 1, below, shows a black jacket:

People think this is suspect 1, I don't think so.

People think this is suspect 1, I don’t think so.


4/18/136:00 PM ET The FBI has released photos and videos of the two men suspected of planning and executing the bombing of the Boston Marathon this past Monday.

Suspect 1 is hard to ID.  Suspect 2 looks like someone.  I don’t know who, but the one photo of him, the profile shot, is more than good enough for someone to recognize him.  Suspect 1 is tough.  When you watch the video, you get snapshots of views of each.  Suspect 1 almost looks like he has a little weight on his face.  Suspect 2 looks like my people – i.e., Mediterranean.  That nose isn’t doing him any favors at this point.  That’s a mediterranean nose, IMHO – and the dark hair and eyebrows suggest the same (and extend outwards geographically from there, including Persian, Armenian, etc.)  Who knows, but I wonder if that kid’s family has been in the states more than a generation or two. Honestly, I’m wondering if they’re American at all.  Again, the first guy is tougher to tell – his face looks more American, but again, it’s a worse photo.  Though, suspect 2 is carrying the backpack on one shoulder, one strap – that’s a very American way of carrying a backpack.

UPDATE: I’ve seen people elsewhere note that “everyone looks American because we’re all originally from everywhere.”  As a first generation American (or 1.5 generation?) I get that. That’s not what I’m referring to.  When you’ve traveled abroad lot, and lived in a lot of places abroad, you often can look at someone and get a sense of whether they’re American or not.  Suspect 2 doesn’t look American to me – and sometimes that’s because the person is American but a recent immigrant, or of a recent immigrant family.  It certainly works that way for Greek-Americans, I know first-hand.  I might be wrong. Just a thought.

To Provide Tips in the Investigation

If you have visual images, video, and/or details regarding the explosions along the Boston Marathon route and elsewhere, submit them on No piece of information or detail is too small.

You can also call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3, with information.

First the video, then the still photos of the two suspects:



Suspect 2

Suspect 2


Suspect 2


Suspect 2


Suspect 2

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