Cool interactive 4bn pixel panoramic view of Mars

This is neat interactive gigapixel image of the view from the Mars rover Curiosity, put together by Andrew Bodrov.  The mosaic contains 295 pictures and stretches 90000×45000 pixels.

They have an embed, I’m posting below, but honestly you should go and check this out at the main site – I suspect it will be larger than the embed, but not sure.

Mars Gigapixel Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar days 136-149 in Out of this World

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  • hollywoodstein


  • hollywoodstein

    We would have been on the moon and on mars by now if only we had repurposed the tax breaks given oil companies.

  • lynchie

    I am older than you by about 12 years. My father in law was a farmer in Saskatchewan. I remember being on the farm when one of the moon shots was landing on the moon. we watched on tv and then stood outside looking up at the moon in the sky. I said to him isn’t it amazing they are landing on the moon and we are sitting here looking up. He responded “:Nope they can’t land on the moon—they just fall off”. He was 74 at the time came over from the Ukraine when he was 3 with his folks to a 50 acre piece of land. Saw the first plane, jet plane, rocket, moon landing, etc., etc. We have failed as a society when we did not follow our start to other planets. Like you I imagined us living on other planets, maybe even reaching to other stars. Instead we became a society of greed, i got mine and fuck you, consumed by technology that doesn’t require human interaction and only concerned with who won American Idol.

  • I was six years old in 1969, when Aldrin and Armstrong landed on the moon. I — and most others at the time — simply assumed we’d have sent manned missions to Mars by 1980, and had colonies of some kind on the moon by the turn of the century.

    Space exploration is the ultimate in long-term survival planning for us humans, and the resources up there are effectively infinite.

    I’m with you: I get very irate whenever the Luddites and short-sighted cut science and space budgets.

  • Oh fun, the embed does work,just tried it! Still more fun on a bigger screen. And yes, I agree. Always ticks me off when folks knock NASA and science spending. This is the stuff that makes me, us, dream. And if I didn’t believe in dreams, I wouldn’t have fought for nearly as many “hopeless” causes that we eventually won :)

  • Yum. I so hope we’re able to get some people there before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

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