Chaos at MIT – cop shot & killed, carjacking, explosives, police, FBI & National Guard everywhere

BREAKING: Boston Globe reports that one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is now in custody, and that the MIT events are in fact related to the bombing.  Wow, hope this is true.


I’ve been following the most amazing thing on Twitter the last few hours.  There was a report at 11pm that gun shots were heard at MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and that the university had locked down the campus.

Then we heard that a police officer was shot and killed.  Then a carjacking happened at MIT – possibly related to the shooting, but no one knows.  Then reports of explosions. Then reports from everyone, flooding into Twitter, from people who live in the area, taking pictures out their windows, and videos.  Cops everywhere. FBI on the scene. Amazing.

UPDATE: Scary story from the NYT.

Amazing in retrospect that no one realized these were the Boston Marathon bombers.

Amazing in retrospect that no one realized these were the Boston Marathon bombers.

Then, everyone started listening to the Boston police scanner online, getting the blow-by-blow from the police themselves, including reports about possible explosives, including grenades – and the police warning everyone to turn their cell phones off, lest it set off an explosive.

All the while the national media wasn’t even on the case.  Local Boston TV was, you can watch that online here.

Absolutely amazing.

Latest from CNN, which is now covering this live, is that one suspect was apprehended, the other is apparently still at large.  And now there are reports that the man in custody has already been released.  No word on any connection to the Boston Marathon bombing.  More from the Boston Globe.  And here’s a Twitter list of reporters on the scene, feel free to follow any of them.

At 2:05am MIT reported that the campus is now safe.  I’m continuing to update Tweets at the bottom of this post (for now, it’s 220am, need to stop at some point).

I’ve asked folks on Twitter to summarize what’s been happening.  Here’s what I got:















Police are apparently going house to house in the suburb of Watertown:


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