Cat saved by fireman as kitten looks on (video)

This story is from a few years back, but it’s so adorable. A woman had a fire at her home, she grabbed her cat and ran out, only to realize that her other cat was still inside.

She was beside herself with grief.

So the fireman broke a window, ran inside, got the second cat – which was unconscious by the back door, paw marks on the screen as if it had tried in vain to get out, brought the cat outside, and put an oxygen mask on its face, then ran back to fight the fire. When he came back, the cat – to his surprise – was walking around.

Boogie and Smokey

These are not the cats in question, but rather a reader’s pets, Boogie and Smokey, who are standing in for the actual cats in this story, as I don’t have rights to the photo I link to.

There’s an adorable photo of him giving the cat oxygen, and one of the cat’s kittens looking one.

And here’s a newscast about it, interviewing the woman and the firemen.

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