BREAKING: Boston Marathon bombing is “terrorist attack,” federal officials say

Was the first Boston Marathon bomb in a street side mailbox? Check out the images from the Boston Globe video and from Google Maps:

The yellow circle is the origin of the explosion.

The yellow circle is the origin of the explosion.

The Post Office box is circled in yellow.

The Post Office mail box is circled in yellow.

I don’t think it’s the mailboxes.  You can see the same streetlight in the video and Google maps – the explosion seems to be closer to the building, either against the building or just inside.

Here’s a different angle of that storefront for the first bombing:


For the second second bombing, there’s no mailbox in the spot most seem to be pinpointing the as the location – but there is a garbage can:


Though looking at the video of the second bombing, it looks like the explosion happened a little bit father – after the street light in front of the Starbucks. There you see a green storage mailbox (I think they’re the kind the postal service uses, but the public doesn’t have access too). There are also a number of outdoor cafes – I’ve circled the green mailbox (there’s a green mailbox in front of the first bombing site too):



2 dead, 132 injured.

Obama speaks about Boston Marathon terrorist attack. Didn’t really say much. Chris thinks it’s because this looks like it might be domestic, and the White House is being very careful about it. Interestingly, the President did not call this a terrorist attack, yet – clearly they’re still trying to figure out what’s going on.

President Obama speaks to the nation at 6:10pm ET about the Boston Marathon attack.

President Obama speaks to the nation at 6:10pm ET about the Boston Marathon attack.


CNN terror expert says the device, reportedly containing C4 plastic explosives, was rather “amateur.” Ruh roh, that sounds like something domestic. Though remains to be seen. Federal authorities now saying this was a terrorist attack. Not sure what that actually means – whether that means certain protocols kick in to place, etc. Also curious what the federal definition is of a terrorist attack.

  Odd that we were all so reticent to call this “terrorism” even after it was confirmed they were bombs:





I’m with Garrett on this one – multiple explosions at multiple sites (if in fact there were multiple sites) – is suspicious:


President Barack Obama talks on the phone with FBI Director Robert Mueller to receive an update on the explosions that occurred in Boston, in the Oval Office, April 15, 2013. Seated with the President are Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)




NPR’s coverage.




Photos from the scene – one is graphic, and fortunately is protected behind a wall, it’s seriously graphic, not sure I’m glad I clicked.


CNN: 2 dead, 46 injured so far. Keep in mind that today is both Patriots’ Day in Maine and Massachsetts, and it’s also Tax Day. Wonder if the government is going to delay tax filings for Boston – might be nice.  Boston is also the site of the original Tea Party.



“We’re not being definitive about that right now, but you can reach your own conclusions about what happened” – Boston Police Commissioner responding to whether this was terrorism.


Boston police commissioner press conference: 2:50pm ET simultaneous explosions. 50 to 100 yards apart. Each had multiple casualties.  There has been a third explosion at the JFK library. So two simultaneous explosions at Boylston St. and third at JFK Library. Wait, cops say there was a controlled explosion at Boylston St, but won’t say if it was a bomb – might have been a suspicious device that they exploded, not clear. New video of the first explosion:


Another video, moments after the first explosion – it’s the sounds that are the worst part of the video: “Somebody help me!”

CNN: Fire dept has found 3rd explosive device. Likely video of second explosion: The reason I think this video is real, check out the google street map view of this walgreen’s, a block from Boston’s Copley Square, so it’s in the right area: second-epxlosion


Rumor of explosion at JFK library.

CNN just read a statement from VP Biden calling this “a bombing.” I seriously hope that statement was vetted as no one else is calling this a bombing yet. And the Boston Marathon just tweeted, calling it “two bombs”:

Thanks to GOP, ATF doesn’t even had a director right now:

Secret Service is cordoning off the White House:

Stunning photo right after bomb goes off.

CNN reports the Boston Police say 2 are dead and 22 wounded so far.

More live footage from Boston: CNN’s Tapper said the explosion happened around 3pm ET. CBS: No credible claims yet for responsibility for the blast. CNN: A Boston police source confirms “multiple explosions.” CNN reports that anti-terrorism forces are being deployed around monuments in NYC. BREAKING: Multiple explosions go off at Boston Marathon. Multiple casualties. This is happening right now.  I’ll be updating this page regularly as the news comes in. Here’s video of the explosion near the finish line:

As the Boston Marathon explosions go off, a runner falls. Image via CNN.

As the Boston Marathon explosions go off, a runner falls. Image via CNN.

CNN is talking possible terrorism, but nobody knows. It could be simply an accident.

Having said that, Al Qaeda-style terrorism usually involves multiple attacks in multiple locations. Which is why September 11 was about Boston, NYC and DC. In they past they’ve attacked multiple embassies. So even though it’s not known what happened, clearly there’s good reason for heightened security everywhere.

I’m looking at this new video, and you can tell there are at least two explosions, a few seconds apart. Again, this might not be terrorism – but terrorist attacks often will include multiple explosions at the same attack point in order to corral victims towards the second explosion and create more damage, more mayhem.

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