Bird feeds cat and dog, like they’re her young (video)

What an odd, and fascinating video.

The woman who posted it said the bird tries to do this all day long, and at this point, the dog was getting tired of it! LOL It’s really kind of amazing. What’s also amazing is that the cat (and dog) haven’t yet eaten the bird. (h/t FreakOutNation)


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  • Cattitude is indomitable.

  • That crow’s no fool!

  • garcolga

    That’s a pretty smart bird, making sure the cat and dog are never hungry!

  • She said the bird had been feeding the dog all day and the dog was over it LOL

  • We keep meeting a cat in the park, the owner walks it on a leash, and Sashi is beside herself with excitement every time she meets the cat. Sasha’s tail goes wild, she cautiously approaches the cat, clearly happy excited. The cat couldn’t care less. LOL

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    It’s not a crow folks. I thought that it might be one of the raven species, but it’s a White-winged Chough. Boy, I feel like a real nerd right now.

  • keirmeister

    Cute video, but shows the difference between cats and dogs. The dog obeys his master, the cat is like, “whatever sister, I’m outta here.”

  • I truly enjoy unusual animal pairings such as this. It’s amazing how they will and can develop bonds and are so accepting of their differences yet get along. Why can’t we humans do the same?

  • You can tell by the dog’s expression he thinks it’s a little weird though.

  • judybrowni

    The dog and cat haven’t eaten their Jewish mother bird, because they’re too damn full.

  • maritimer

    That’s amazing!

  • Indigo

    That crow’s an existentialist. We all do what we already know how to do.Sigh.

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