Banker saves 12 ducklings jumping off of building (video)

I know, you’d rather see a duckling NOT save twelve bankers jumping off a building.

A banker in Spokane, Washington saves 12 trapped ducklings.  After watching that video of the bombing 1,000 times today, consider this your palate cleanser.

From ABC:

For the past 35 days, [Joel] Armstrong watched as a mother duck nested on a ledge outside his office window…two blocks from the Spokane River in Washington state. On Saturday morning, Armstrong arrived in town for the annual Lilac Festival parade. Seeing the newly hatched ducklings nervously pacing back and forth on the ledge, he knew they were stuck. Their mother stood waiting below, but the jump off the ledge was too far for the ducklings.

So the banker got down below, at 5:45am, and stood there for hours trying to coax the ducklings to jump – and they did, one by one into his arms. Absolutely precious.

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