Army Sec. & General slap down Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) whine & ditch (video)

This is rather delicious. GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), known for being a bit of a jerk, is in an ongoing spat with the US Army.

So Hunter gets Secretary of the Army John McHugh, and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno, before him at a House hearing, mouths off about his complaint, and then tries to walk out of the hearing before the Secretary or the General can respond.

Yes, Duncan Hunter thought he was going to pull a “whine & ditch” on the Army.

Yeah, not so much.

McHugh and Odierno had some words for Hunter. This is pretty delicious.

Army Chief of Staff Genderal Odierno dressing down GOP's Duncan Hunter.

Army Chief of Staff Genderal Odierno dressing down GOP’s Duncan Hunter.

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14 Responses to “Army Sec. & General slap down Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) whine & ditch (video)”

  1. Real Analyst says:

    Odierno is a bit of a lion, I know, I have worked with him and his staff. However in this case it pains me to say he is also incorrect. The DCGS-A tool was overly costly (at 2.7Billion to date) and too many big fat defense contractors have their hands in it which is why so many generals are fighting for a broken program. It doesn’t function well, the user interface is clunky, it was a struggle to get it to pull in data, and as an analyst I specifically stopped using it when it was obvious it was causing us to miss stuff. The software 3rd ID wanted (and still wants) is called Palantir, and it is one of the most powerful analytical tools out there. It’s so well put together and intuitive to use I taught a brand new analyst how to use it in about 4 hours. it works very well (far better than DCGS) and there is a good reason SOCOM and other big intelligence agencies are using Palantir over the other programs. Palantir does what the other programs cannot, and as an senior analyst on the ground having to actually do the analytical work I think I have a better idea what will work and what wont than a general and their staff who are spending about 15 minutes going through the analysis we spend hours, days and weeks on.

  2. J.D. Rhoades says:

    Why does Duncan Hunter hate the troops?

  3. karmanot says:

    “Lindsay Graham should be dismissed from the JAG corps.” That also goes for pin-head Louie Gohmert.

  4. ComradeRutherford says:

    Duncan Hunter is a Conservative. That means that only his opinion is correct, that everyone should be forced to hear his opinion, and that he shouldn’t have to listen to anybody else.

  5. bejammin075 says:

    I would have called it “Bitch & Ditch”

  6. MyrddinWilt says:

    No member of Congress should EVER be allowed to be in any branch of the military or reserve. That is the sort of thing that only happens in tin pot dictatorships where the President for life spends his time making up medals and pinning them on himself.

    Duncan should be kicked out of the Army and Lindsay Graham should be dismissed from the JAG corps.

    The US military budget is ludicrously bloated. It would still be bloated if it was cut in half. And everyone in Congress knows that which is the reason they agreed to sequestration. It isn’t just the cost to the treasury, it is the waste of scarce engineering skills that can be put to much more productive use in the economy.

    The Clinton boom didn’t happen in spite of the ‘defense’ cutbacks, it was because of those cutbacks. There is no way we could have put the Internet and the dotcom boom together if Boeing and General Dynamics and all the other leeches were sucking up most of the engineering talent. And before that the economic stars were Germany and Japan, two economies that did really rather well until they were persuaded to start doing the military thing again.

  7. pappyvet says:

    Standing up to bullies is easy,but you have to stand. People of Duncan’s ilk are cowards and bullies and we need to rid ourselves of them and their antics

  8. Ninong says:

    Little Duncan has always been a spoiled brat. He sort of inherited his father’s seat in Congress. Nice to see a 4-star slap his little major’s ass down.

  9. tomtallis says:

    In this part of California he’s known as “Druncan Hunter.” One of the most Congressman, ever…

  10. this is going to be happening more & more. this is an example of people getting really fed up with te obstructionism & preset agendas of a vocal minority that just wants to bitch & moan. the video of the man in Boston yesterday who went after the right wing media trying to say te FBI & gov’t did the bombing was another; Senator Flake loosing so much support another. it’s time to say “Enough!” & people are starting to say it. 2014 is going to be fun…

  11. Stev84 says:

    I was probably just one show, but he did appear as a guest. Fun starts around 2:10:—ray-odierno

  12. I did not know about that.

  13. Stev84 says:

    Odierno is a pretty cool guy judging from the shows he did out of Iraq with Stephen Colbert

  14. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Dicks in congress – what a surprise.

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