Adorable surprise flash-mob (gay) wedding proposal (video)

An American gay man proposes to his boyfriend, who lives and works in London, and is English. He uses a surprise flash-mob in the lunchroom of Google’s offices in London.  Because of the Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, their marriage in the states won’t matter for immigration purposes – the English fiancé is not permitted to immigrate.

There’s legislation to fix that, UAFA, but Senator Schumer, and Senate Democrats generally, caved to the demands of Republican bigots, and dropped gays from the immigration reform “compromise.”

It’s an adorable story – this just happened – and a sad one too. Here’s the description from the guy who proposed, Shaun Aukland, via the YouTube page:

Published on Apr 26, 2013
On April 22 2013, I invited Michael to lunch at the Google office. He had no idea I would be asking him to marry me. Or that hundreds of people were in on it.

We are a binational couple, separated for the last two years, on and off, without the ability to sponsor Michael for citizenship in the United States because of the Defense of Marriage Act. I flew to London for one of our regular trips and secretly to propose to Michael, in hopes that he’ll be able to finally join me permanently in the US after the Supreme Court decision.

Five minutes before the proposal, all of the TV screens in the cafe showed a timer countdown. At about 10 seconds, Michael remarked “its really busy in here. also, what is that timer”. Then the video starts.

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