Adorable 90 year old grandma tries on 3D virtual reality goggles

A guy introduces his 90 year old grandmother, Rachel Mahassel, to some 3D virtual reality gaming googles called Oculus Rift.

grandma-oculus rift

First, granny’s experience taking a virtual visit to Tuscany. Then what she was looking at.  Oh, and I just found a thank you video she made for all the people who sent messages, it’s adorable.


The best part is grandma’s expressions: “Holy Mackerel!” “Oh lowdy!” “You bet your bottom dollar”

And here’s what she was looking at. I’m sure the experience was pretty cool, but I’m disappointed by the graphics – they look very kid’s story book. I was expecting something that looked real. Or at least like a really good game. Still, granny apparently liked them.

And here’s the thank you video. Apparently she’s Arab-American, because her grandson is calling her “sittoo,” which is grandma in Arabic. That’s so cute, we call our grandmothers “yiayia” in Greek – and being Greek-Americans, we of course get it wrong and accent the first syllable while Greeks accent the second. Here’s sittoo saying thanks:)

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