89 y.o. landlady lip-syncs her favorite song (video)

Someone’s 89 y.o. landlady lip-syncs her favorite song.

Try not feel good watching this video, I dare you.


My Landlady Lip-sync’s Her Favorite Song from Michelle Alexis Newman on Vimeo.

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  • hmontaigne

    What memories does she hold that give her such joy, and such longing?

  • Mrs. Miller?

  • Carol S

    I was just thinking, it she were my grandmother, at the end of the song she would be thinking of all that had happened since she first heard that song; especially the friends and family with whom she enjoyed the times and music who had since passed.

  • She reminds me of my dear departed mother-in-law, who informed me in her “no arguments” tone, “You are family now, dear. You can’t get away from it.”

  • pappyvet

    Happy Days? The Fonz was ok but Potsie was hot

  • dula

    I guess this was shot before Obama proposed cuts to Social Security.

  • LOL I know…. “At 89 years of age, Midge Johnson admits the entire thing was just an act.”

  • citizen_spot

    She seems kind of resigned to happy days not being here now when she takes off the headphones.

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