Wikileaks published US Embassy-Vatican cable on Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis

Those crazy kids. Wikileaks, of course, has a cable that the US Embassy-Vatican wrote about then-Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, among other possible papal candidates, in 2005, shortly before Ratzinger was chosen to be the new pope.

Here are the salient parts:

Pope-FrancisBERGOGLIO, Jorge Mario: Born December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, and ordained December 13, 1969 during his theological studies at the Theological Faculty of San Miguel. Bergoglio served as Jesuit Provincial (elected leader of the order) for Argentina (1973-79) and rector of the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel (1980-86). After completing his doctoral dissertation in Germany, Bergoglio served as a confessor and spiritual director in Cordoba. In 1992, the Pope appointed him Assistant Bishop of Buenos Aires; then in 1997, he was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop (deputy archbishop with right of succession) of Buenos Aires; ultimately becoming Archbishop on February 28, 1998. Bergoglio is the vice-President of the Argentine Bishops Conference and serves on the Vatican’s committee for the worldwide synod of bishops (a grouping of all bishops conferences). He speaks Spanish, Italian and German. Bergoglio exemplifies the virtues of the wise pastor that many electors value. Observers have praised his humility: he has been reluctant to accept honors or hold high office and commutes to work on a bus. What could count against him is his membership in the Jesuit order. Some senior prelates, especially conservatives, are suspicious of a liberal streak in the order, perhaps most pronounced in the U.S., but also present elsewhere. Bergoglio is said to prefer life in the local Church as opposed to a bureaucratic existence in Rome’s ecclesiastical structures, but at the same time he has been willing to serve on the Vatican’s various supervisory committees. This could indicate an ability to bridge the curia/local church divide that splits the College of Cardinal Electors, making him a good compromise candidate.

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  • Manuel

    Your allegation is untrue. The two alleged worker priests (Francisco Jalics and Orlando Yorio) were not murdered. Actually, Jalics is still alive. And Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, had nothing to do with neither these abductions nor the various crimes committed by a military junta.

  • I know and they keep quiet about Able being gay. Able, who made and decorated an altar most pleasing to god and got off’d for it by Cain, who wore plaids and prints together did not offer up organic vegetables and pissed off god.

  • jomicur

    They’re the modern Stone Age fam-i-lee!

  • eahopp

    Damn Scientists! They are always screwing up the Church’s rightful order in keeping the masses quiet and docile, telling the masses what to do, when and how to do it. Adam and Eve are real people, who live 5,000 years ago, and rode dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden!

  • TJColatrella

    That “Liberal” Streak in the Order is due to the teachings of Jesus..! That’s why The Opus Dei Cult Fascist Heretics may be against him..! The Jesuits have been battling The Opus Dei Cult and it’s corruption of the Church for some time now..!

  • There have been a fair number of priestly scientists over the centuries so I don’t think there’s anything particularly odd about the possibility.

    As for Bergoglio’s chemical education I’ve been seeing different reports on it. Some say he was educated in chemical engineering, not chemistry, for one thing.

  • UncleBucky

    With this guy, and the trendline established by his two predecessors, JP2 and Ratzie, the RCC is a goner.

  • nicho

    The CIA doesn’t see that as a drawback.

  • jomicur

    The last (and I believe only) scientist-pope was Silvester II, who was pope at the turn of the first millennium @ 1000 A.D. Silvester, a mathematician and astronomer, was learned and relatively enlightened. Among other things, he’s credited with introducing the use of Arabic numerals in the Western world. The Catholic church hasn’t seen his like for well over a thousand years and, I’d guess, won’t again.

  • Buford

    Can you imagine what would happen if this ever got out onto the internet…?!?!?! Oh man…

  • Buford

    That sure reads like an analysis of a political campaign and candidate, rather than identifying someone who is supposedly divine and infallible. It’s almost as if they simply select the ‘most-divine/infallible’ from amongst the current crop of candidates, and then let him be in charge of 1.2B souls on this planet by telling us what God really wants.

  • Drew2u

    he also benefitted from modern medicine of his time to defeat a lung infection by removing the diseased organ so the body wouldn’t suffer. Apparently prayer wasn’t enough.

  • Loona_c

    I heard somewhere yesterday that he studied chemistry? Anyone? A scientist as Pope would be potentially interesting. And ironic.

  • Drew2u

    “Oh noes! National Securiteez! Quick, somebody Bradley-Manning whoever leaked this!”

  • Indigo

    Not a word about his alleged compliance in the the abduction and murder of two worker priests in the slums of Buenos Aires. Interesting . . .

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