Weekend cooking – leg of lamb (video)

It’s Easter weekend so lots of people over here across Europe will be eating lamb for the holiday. Personally I love lamb and like the taste though it’s something that has gone out of favor in the US. Every time I look for it in the market in the US I mostly see the New Zealand lamb which for me is OK, but not great.

The local lamb in Europe is much tastier and overall a higher quality. Of course, that quality comes with a price but for something that I don’t eat that often, it’s still affordable.

Though there are a number of small variations that are worth trying, the big choice is whether you want to leave the bone in or prepare it de-boned. The traditional method in France is rubbing the leg with olive oil, poking a few holes in the meat and inserting garlic and adding rosemary. Cooking times vary depending on how you like the meat cooked. I don’t like the meat to be cooked through but that’s just me.

Here’s one example of a traditional leg of lamb, with the bone.

For an example of a de-boned and stuffed lamb, try this method.

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  • hollywoodstein

    Ok, now your just showing off, lol.

  • Robert Harvey

    For Easter, my Sicilian grandmother butterflied a leg of lamb and stuffed it with garlic, olives, rosemary and breadcrumbs.

  • Clecinosu

    (Stomach rumbling) Damn you, damn you all to hell.

    Man, I need a gyro …

  • BarbinDC

    Once again, I will be cooking racks of lamb for my guests (except for one guest who hates it and will get ham, instead). I bought the racks out of the back of a pickup truck in an alley in Mt. Pleasant last Saturday. From the people who normally sell at the Mt. Pleasant farmers’ market in the season. They are small, but exquisite. Of course, I use Julia Childs’ method. She has yet to let me down.

  • lilyannerose

    We were thinking about lamb stew (want to do something rustic to celebrate Season 3, Episode 1of Game of Thrones), if so we’re going to crock pot out on the patio, I like lamb but can’t stand to smell it cooking!

  • tomtallis

    Ugh. I’d rather walk down the hill to the corner of Gentzgasse and Weinhausergasse to Bürgerhof for a nice tasty wienerschnitzel and a chestnut mousse. Care to join me?

  • There is something ironic about having roast Agnus Dei for Easter dinner. But I do love those lamb chops!

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