Weekend cooking – leg of lamb (video)

It’s Easter weekend so lots of people over here across Europe will be eating lamb for the holiday. Personally I love lamb and like the taste though it’s something that has gone out of favor in the US. Every time I look for it in the market in the US I mostly see the New Zealand lamb which for me is OK, but not great.

The local lamb in Europe is much tastier and overall a higher quality. Of course, that quality comes with a price but for something that I don’t eat that often, it’s still affordable.

Though there are a number of small variations that are worth trying, the big choice is whether you want to leave the bone in or prepare it de-boned. The traditional method in France is rubbing the leg with olive oil, poking a few holes in the meat and inserting garlic and adding rosemary. Cooking times vary depending on how you like the meat cooked. I don’t like the meat to be cooked through but that’s just me.

Here’s one example of a traditional leg of lamb, with the bone.

For an example of a de-boned and stuffed lamb, try this method.

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