Weekend cooking – easy chocolate lava cake (video)

Who doesn’t love chocolate volcano cake (officially known as Moelleux au Chocolat)?

I often use the easiest chocolate cake recipe in the world, but for presentation and also a nice taste, this one below is excellent.

I’m not much of a flour cake person, and love a gooey chocolate.

moelleuxNOTE FROM JOHN: This has always been one of my favorite desserts. In France, of course, you can buy them in the grocery store in the fast dessert section (the section where we’d buy Jello pudding, they buy this).  I’ve seen other recipes that put a piece of hard chocolate in the center to help the gooeyness, this one doesn’t.  As Chris said, it’s an awfully easy recipe, and what a presentation.

The only trick is not cooking them too far – I’d probably google around and see if anyone has a better description for how to tell when the dessert is done – otherwise you’ll end up with chocolate cake, which is great, but not the gooey mess you want from this.

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