Weekend cooking – a simple omelette (video)

I really enjoy the old school, no nonsense, no flash Jacques Pepin. Too many of the new TV celebrity chefs are generally either preparing food that is too complicated for most people or they’re too full of themselves to watch. Pepin is a bit demanding (and grumpy) but that’s OK for me.

What’s nice about this video is that he shows how to quickly prepare two types of omelette, so go ahead and choose the one you prefer. As for me, I like my omelette to be bave (drooling) on the plate.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I’ve watched Julia Child before preparing an omelette and it was quite interesting.  Apparently, a good omelette is harder than you think – or at least, takes a bit more thought than you’d think.  Part of it is how many times you beat the egg – I believe America’s Test Kitchen said 30 or 40 strokes with a fork, no more.  And, as I recall, you get the pan hot and cook the egg relatively fast, then roll it up and it’s done so that, as Chris notes above, it’s a bit wet on the inside, cooked on the outside.

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