Family values disaster in Paris as anti-gay protesters attack police, use kids as human shields

Unbelievable.  Anti-gay “family values” protesters in Paris today got violent with the local police during a large anti-gay-marriage protest, and then used their nursery school age children as some kind of human shield to challenge the police.

“On met les enfants devant! On met les enfants devant!” TRANSLATION: “Put the kids in front! Put the kids in front!” a father yells to other protesters, as he approaches the police line with his three year old child perilously perched on his shoulders in order to challenge the police who had just used tear gas and batons to push back the protesters who had just attacked them.


“On met les enfants devant, on met les enfants devant.” TRANSLATION: “Put the kids in front, put the kids in front,” a father yells to other protesters, as he approached the police line with his three year old child perilously perched on his shoulders right after the police used tear gas and batons, telling the protesters to back up.

America’s anti-gay religious right leaders, including National Organization for Marriage (NOM) head Brian Brown, have been supporting the French protests.  No word yet on whether NOM will denounce its violent allies in Paris.

Getting violent with the police?  And using three year old children as some kind of human shield after there’s already been violence and tear gas (or pepper spray)?



Police using pepper spray or tear gas on religious right anti-gay protesters who attacked them, right before a family values protester brings his three year old child to the front to challenge the police.

The clashes have already been written about in the mainstream media, but there’s also a video on Facebook that a Parisian friend just posted, showing the anti-gay “family values” moms and dads provoking the French anti-riot police, called the CRS.  Not the kind of people you want to mess with, the CRS.

The CRS in France are akin to the kind of police the Occupy Wall Street protesters faced when things got violent. It’s that kind of scene when the CRS are involved. That’s where the family values brought kids, basically to an OWS protest that went violent – imagine taking a 3 year old to the front lines of that.


Police using batons on family-values protesters who physically attacked them. Moments before they gassed the anti-gay activists who then brought a small child forward to challenge the police further.

In the video, below, you see a crowd of anti-gay religious right protesters attack the police, trying to force their way into a restricted area where it’s not permitted to protest. The police were finally forced to use tear against the violent religious right protesters.  The police then repeatedly tell the protesters to back up away from the barriers.  You then see a man, with his three year old (or so) child on his shoulders, come up to the police barrier, where they’ve just been told repeatedly to back away, and challenge the police with his child.

Keep in mind, there’s already been violence (police were forced to use their batons against family-values protesters who were assaulting them) and tear gas, and a pro-gamily anti-gay religious right protester thought it wise to put his three year old child in the middle of the violence.

Some family values.

The response to the video on Facebook from French men and women was quick and brutal:

“No shame – putting children in front, knowing they’re going to be tear gassed.”

“And this father, bringing his son in front to protect himself.  Irresponsible! Shameful! Someone should call Social Services to take away his child, for endangering the boy that way.”

“Bravo, the example these parents are setting for their children.”

“And they have the nerve to talk about the rights of children.”

 “These people moralize about families, and then they have nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon than bring their young children to a protest. It’s shameful.”

“What do they want, a civil war?  What intolerance. I’m just sick watching this. Who are these people?”

“How horrible to watch adults bring their children to sow hate against gay people.”

Welcome to family values, 2013.  It’s right out of a Hollywood nightmare:

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  • You just know, creeps like Brian Brown and the NOM supporters are just gnashing their teeth over the fact that they can’t resort to violence over here. despite the rights cries of “think of the children” It’s pretty obvious the “children” don’t have much to do with it.

  • Mann

    A prime example of bigotry right here.

  • Which protest got a million people in Paris?

  • gfd6754

    Regardless of what this article full of limited information portrays, the bottom line is what counts. There are still decent people in the world who don’t want fags hijacking their value system. No one has the right to force a child to be brainwashed to believe its okay for boy1 to suck boy2’s pecker. Perversion to say the least.

    I wouldn’t let a fag be around my kids. And I teach them to recognize such deviant behavior. As long as a fag doesn’t come across as one, they will get my good side. I treat all people the same. That is, until they become a threat against decency. They its time to catapult them to the next county where they can run wild.

    There is a huge reason why millions of parents are now homeschooling their kids. And the number is growing. FAGG ism in the schools is a big reason. We cannot trust government or politics. They WILL corrupt our kids if it suits an agenda. Parents need to keep their kids home, raise them with the God given virtues that were intended, and help them recognize that gays don’t know any better. They are living with a birth defect that isn’t recognized as one.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    We do have an expression that would describe your gay friends – it’s self-loathing. BTW – the people raising the child are the real parents. If a child is available for adoption, the biological parents have either given up their parental rights or the courts have taken away their parental rights. What you can be sure of is that the biological parents or the courts have determined that the child or children would be better off with adoptive parents than with their biological parents.

    There is no such thing as gay marriage. It’s simply called marriage.

  • Provence

    I don’t think so, in France you have to show a wedding liscense if you want to adopt a child, It’s verry difficult and long to adopt one, even for straight couples and so gays don’t have children at the time. I have many gay friends and they are all against the gay marriage because they think every children in the world has the right to have one father and one mother. In USA some children doesn’t have the right to see their real mother or real father because they belong to a gay couple, it’s discrimination and inecquality! So my gay friends hate gay people too?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    What do children have to do with marriage equality? My husband and I were never married in a ceremony recognized by any government. We were married in a church eight years ago. We adopted our children over 25 years ago. Same gender couples are going to adopt children with or without a wedding license. So please try to be honest with yourself about your true motivation for protesting. You are protesting gay people – period.

  • Provence

    Hey you americans stop saying bullshits please, in France they are always some children during this kind of walk and the protesters are not against the gay people, we are just against the gay marriage because we think every children has the right to have one father and one mother. France is the country of equality so we have to protest when a new inecquality law apear.

  • Schdo

    Entire France hate these guys!

  • Ninong

    There were only 300,000 people at that protest, not 1.4 million as claimed by the anti-Mariage pour tous protest groups.

  • Ninong

    The population of the metro area of Paris is more than 12 million people. The prefecture of police in Paris has confirmed that there were 300,000 people at that protest.

    Thousands of those protesters were bussed in from the provinces and others drove in by themselves. Even if you take the 300,000 as a percentage of the Paris metro area it’s still only 2.5% — a tiny fraction of the City.

    Not only that, the UMP, the FN and the GUD had all sent out pleas over Twitter and Facebook urging their members to show up for the protest as a way to cause trouble for the Hollande government. I don’t know if there are any more ultra-right wing, all-white, racist hate groups in France than in Germany but whereever they are they seem to get a lot of press because of their violent behavior at street protests. It’s just an excuse for them to act up against the authorities.

    It may have been a transitory embarrassment for Paris in the world media but no one believes that it was representative of Parisians or the French people.

  • Ninong

    Gay parents are much, much less likely to be guilty of child abuse or neglect because, unlike some straight parents, their children weren’t “unplanned accidents.” Gay parents, like infertile straight parents, had to go out of their way and incur a lot of expense to become parents.

  • GG

    And after that, they tell us that they don’t want the gay marriage because they couldn’t raise their children properly ! But who are they to tell that ? He uses his son as a shield !

  • tessa

    and you dum people you beleive what you want to beleive, I was there ok and i can tell you that the french police decided to hurt people with their children on there back OK I’m definitely ashamed of being french!

  • Paris ranks #2 of my favorite places throughout my travels which is why I’ve been at least a half a dozen times for significant periods of time. It has been too long since my last visit (2008), but I find this shocking. My memories are of a people who embrace life, culture, cuisine, and wine. I found Parisians to almost border on hubris when it comes to their society being open-minded and tolerant. It saddens me to see to see ignorant people perpetuate bigotry and discrimination anywhere, but to see such ugliness in The City of Light is a chilling reminder of how thin the veneer really is when it comes to tolerance.

  • Typical RWNJ’s! Always having OTHER people fight their battles for them!

  • kikroo

    You’re both right, except the people teling you that you don t know what you re talking about has no patience ;)
    They say “les gendarmes avec nous” at the beginning of the video, it’s a way to “communicate” with the CRS. The father saying “on met les enfants devant” appears only near the end, a litle bit before 4′ (3’55, something like that).

  • I repented of the sin of homosexuality and now I am FREE! JESUS IS LORD!!

  • Ninong

    The GUD (an all-white, racist, anti-immigrant student group) was primarily responsible for provoking the police but virtually all of the opposition political parties had asked their people to join in the protest as a way of showing discontent with Hollande and there were quite a few older people who participated in the violence. You’re right, considering the large number of people in the crowd, it was a relatively small bunch of trouble makers causing problems — probably less than a few hundred out of several hundred thousand.

    I think the police did a very good job under the circumstances.

  • Ninong

    Vive la France!

  • Ninong

    Ils sont des crétins, aussi.

  • Ninong

    I think you mean Madame Defarge. LOL

  • Ninong

    What an ignorant, bigoted comment! The French are about to pass “Mariage Pour Tous!” They have more égalité than we have in the US. And they have real cheese and real bread to go with their wine.

  • Firebrand

    Nice edit, and disabled comments section. Definitely not trying to hide anything at all. Nope.

  • aminfidel

    US riot squad police would have had full riot gear on(helmets w/face masks). they would have beat down and dragged off the students, and twist tied them and put them in paddy wagons.

    the headline IS sensationalist. the overwhelming numbers of participants were peaceful. only a handful “attacked” police. and from what i saw they only “attacked” barriers and shields, not actual policemen.

    the police are not there to protect gay people or gay rights. “the riot squad is restless, they need somewhere to go”.

    the students, as young activists/agitators of any stripe will do, antagonize the police to the point of aggression, which the police are itching to do, and then things progress to their natural end.

    if this happened in the US there would have been lots of indiscriminately busted heads.

  • The French are a cowardly people, they always have been.

  • Ninong

    I don’t know if it was a different video I was thinking of or what because, you’re right, in this one it starts out with the crowd chanting, “les gendarmes avec nous,” but then at about 3:55 someone is shouting in the background, “on met les enfants devant.”

  • Putting babies in the line of violence is as cowardly as it gets.

  • You go Madam Defrage!

  • juliet

    he had every right to be there !! on the other no common sense for taking the kid up front.

  • if one moron says: ” A pointlessly biased article followed by useless comments all aimed at
    supporting the usual talking points and foregone conclusions” We play hard.

  • But stunt babies are tough!

  • Through in a Mormon or two and it goes nuclear.

  • Brava!

  • cinorjer

    Francois, tell your GUD friends at their next meeting that the world is disgusted at their racist and bigoted attitude. The world has many problems, and France along with Europe has many problems, but the Gays are not to blame, any more than immigration, the Jews, or whatever scapegoat you have fixated on are to blame.

  • Ninong

    Last night when I listened to the video clip above the crowd was clearly chanting, “On met les enfants devant,” as you said. Then this evening somebody told me I didn’t know
    what I was talking about because the crowd is chanting, “Les gendarmes avec

    So I listened to it again and that’s what I heard: “Les gendarmes avec nous.” But that’s not what I heard last night. Was there more than one video clip or did something happen to it?

  • Ninong

    In the video that I viewed that John Aravosis posted in this thread, the crowd was clearly chanting, “On met les enfants devant! On met les enfants devant!” Now I just listened to the only video clip that I can find above and they’re clearly chanting, “Les gendarmes avec nous!” I’ll have to ask him what happened.

  • Ninong

    In the video that I viewed that John Aravosis posted in this thread, the crowd was clearly chanting, “On met les enfants devant! On met les enfants devant!” Now I just listened to the only video clip that I can find above and they’re clearly chanting, “Les gendarmes avec nous!” I’ll have to ask him what happened.

  • Pat

    i dont think you understood it right. Not sure if it’s this video you are talking about, but people are just chanting to have the police side with them (“les gendarmes avec nous!”)

  • Pat

    are you talking abou the video in the post? these people are actually not chanting to put the children in front! in reality, in the whole first part of the video they are chanting “les GENDARMES avec nous” (i.e. “the policemen with us!”). They are just chanting to call the police to side with them. At that point no one is chanting to bring the children in front. Then it’s only this moron guy talking about that bringing the children in front, but not a big crowd chanting that…

  • Francois-Pierre

    This article is just a sad joke, totally biased, lying and misleading. Google this event for yourselves you will see on numerous videos and photos how the police forces lost it. A stubborned government ignoring the rela country problems such as massive and growing unemployment is dividing the country on false issues. They claim it would be a small 100,000 gathering they got over a million protester. The 2,000 police force could not contain it and lost it pepper spraying and charging whoever was ahead, whole families, kids and elderly who had come to defend the kids rights to a father and a mother. Don’t gulp this partial and biased article. It’s just BS…

  • TuxedoCartman

    “…and in other news, servers at Disqus exploded violently today, crippling blogs all across the Internet. Investigators are unsure as to the cause.” LOL… thanks a lot, John!

  • PersonMcPerson

    You seriously don’t get it do you? Go back and read again, until you understand what you’re reading.

  • PersonMcPerson

    But… but… They’re FRENCH! They are ONE with the gay!

    On a more serious note, these morons should not be allowed to parent their children. Hateful brainwashing, with a side of protestor violence and tear gas? Yeah, that’s a good way to raise them.

  • padraige

    Il ne sont rien que lâches.

  • Define responsible for? If your political ally commits violence, and you stand by him and dont’ say a word, then yeah you share culpability.

  • Even better, trans bisexuals and guns. ;-)

  • Excellent point, by the way – I just updated the post to show that marriage equality is supported by the majority in France.

  • Yep, he was using his kid as a prop.

  • What’s amazing is how well “fear” works in different countries, cultures and times. It always works.

  • And YOU are the reason I like France :)

  • Ninong

    Your English is fine!

  • TuxedoCartman

    Can you somehow incorporate a gay post AND something about guns? That’ll stress-test your comments section!

  • Ninong

    They were trying to create a “TV moment” — something that would make the evening news — like video of crying toddlers suffering from tear gas in their eyes. Most of the ones chanting to put the children in the front were members of the far-right student movement, le GUD. They were the ones who had temporarily breached the barricades just minutes before. They were volunteering other people’s children and apparently at least one jackass of a father was willing to sacrifice his very young son for the cause of stopping those homosexuels mauvais.

    Hollande campaigned on the promise of bringing full marriage equality to France and he won the election. The UMP and the FN were out in full force yesterday to take advantage of the anti-gay marriage protest to try to make the government look bad. They will lose.

  • Raphaël Lafarge

    I’m French and I’m ashamed by these guys.

  • This is when i see this kind of sh** that I’m ashamed to be French.

  • Moribund Cadaver

    Thus an ugly truth is brought into the spotlight: the campaigns for “family values” and social conservatism around the world, whatever the culture, tend to be based in one thing: fear.

    These are people who at the end of the day don’t care what the threat is. It could be gays today, toaster ovens tomorrow. They’re just people who are easily manipulated by the politics and propaganda of fear. Easily led into moral panic and outrage. People who give in so easily to fear, also transition into hate easily, and from there into mania. It is, after all, how mob violence operates for the human animal.

  • S1AMER

    Faith-based frenzy … likely to infest this country as the religious right becomes more and more desperate in the faith of rising equality.

  • FLL

    What are these parents thinking? There is already tear gas and pepper spray in the air. So they decide they want to bring their young children closer to the toxic materials?!

  • One parent in a march of 300,000 who is seemingly prepared to put their child in harms way, I wonder what video from the other side of the Police lines looked like? I am in know form or fashion an advocate of Police using teargas on peaceful demonstrators, but it would appear that there was a small contingent of adults in the crowd who would not be content until they initiated an aggressive response from the Police, much the same as many LGBT Demonstrations I have seen and on occasion been part of…

  • HeartlandLiberal

    I read just this past week about one of Fred Phelps sons, who fled the brutal savagery and beatings that apparently compose the family values system of the infamous God Hates Fags cult church. If you want to understand family values for these kind of people, you need look no further than this sort of amoral, sick behavior. Have to rank these French fathers write up there with Phelps.

  • Orikan

    Please, PLEASE, when you read this, remember that most of french people WANT same-sex marriage to be allowed. Those protesters are a SMALL part of France. They do not represent us. Hopefully, we are not all stupid enough to use kids, or even babies, as shields against police.

    Sorry if my english is not correct, but I had to write this.

  • caphillprof

    How is it possible that same sex marriage “redefines” marriage for everyone? Marriage remains marriage, it is only the participants that change.

  • caphillprof

    Neither Martin Luther nor Mary Baker Eddy accepted marriage as a sacrament.

  • caphillprof

    The only things that keeps Republican voters away from the polls is inconvenience and stupidity.

  • Are you really that dense, or did you not watch the video? Even if you don’t speak French, can you not plug those words into a translator program and comprehend what that man — and all the people chanting with him — were proposing to do?

    It sure as hell wasn’t intended as, “Hey! Let’s show these police how cute our kids all are!”

  • Il faut que vous emmenez les enfants — a quote right out of “Saving Private Ryan. In that case, the French parents wanted the soldiers to take their children where they thought it was safer. Someone in that protest should’ve have said the same: Take the children out of danger.

  • Ninong

    France is getting gay marriage, as is the UK, and it’s driving the fundies nuts. Thousands of those protesters were bussed in from the countryside. A lot of them were brought in by Catholic groups and a lot of them were organized by ultra-right wing nationalist groups. Just about everybody who lost in the recent presidential elections was represented. They were hoping to get the police to use tear gas so that they could go on TV and blame Hollande. I think they’re pissed because their little hero, Nicolas Sarkozy, is under investigation for collecting envelopes stuffed with illegal cash contributions from an aging Frenchwoman.

    Spain has had full marriage equality for years now and the Vatican didn’t explode. As least not because of Spain’s passage of marriage equality. It won’t be long now before France and the UK join Spain and the dozen or so other countries that have legalized marriage equality.

    Instead of worrying about marriage, the Catholic Church should be worried about the fact that only 8% of Catholics in France attend church weekly! That’s the lowest attendance of any of the European Christian countries.

  • Wow, religious people acting crazy!? Shocker.

  • It seems to always be troll night when a gay post goes viral :) Which this one has.

  • That’s a pretty standard number for spring protests in Paris, not that many really. When I lived there, you’d routinely get a million people in spring for whatever cause they were yelling about that year :)

  • Yep. Imagine what he’d be saying if the police needed to use their batons, and tear gas, at a pro gay marriage protest? We wouldn’t get marriage for 50 years.

  • wiredpup

    Cowards noting but cowards.

  • I’m awfully concerned about not using one example to tar people who take the very first, and only, gay guy (if he was even gay) to ever take up violence against the religious right (he shot a security guard in the arm at one of their offices) and then declare at the top of their lungs for six months that they’re all at imminent threat of “gay terrorism.” So you’re right, let’s not use one example to tar 100,000 people – let’s just use it to tar 25 million.

    Oh, and by the way, it was more than one person who got violent with the police in France, but as I always say, let’s err on the side of helping our enemies, not ourselves. Thanks J Wilson.

  • “That is amusing.” True, you are the joke.

  • Ninong

    Every word in you idiotic comment is a blatant lie and you know it. If you don’t, then you’re even dumber than I first imagined and that would be really dumb.

  • Ninong

    The organizers claim the total number of protesters was 1.4 million. Currently the police seem to be going with 300,000 but they will publish an official number after they review the videos. There are a lot of other videos on the French news sites that show a huge mass of people, including hundreds and hundreds of very young children, many of them in strollers.

  • Ninong

    That’s one very tiny video clip. There are a lot of others that show violence against the police, who were only trying to contain the crowd within the legal protest area. The police were dealing with what they estimate was a crowd of 300,000 but which the protest organizers claim was 1.4 million.

  • the only way gays can redefine marriage for heterosexuals is that if we make heterosexuals marry gays and lesbians. And that benefit helps not us but our children. WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN? Don’t they matter? I doubt there will be a civil war over this.

  • you live in a fool’s paradise. Society has changed. gays and lesbians live in loving relationships and are raising children. The only problem is that some folks have blinders on to ignore this. Giving us our rights to marry rips those blinders off and justifiably so. It’s not our fault that some folks refuse to see what’s in front of them and we shouldn’t have to take a second class status because of it.

  • Rob, I don’t think what John did was unfair. You may have a very minor point if the story about using children as shields had originally come from him. But as I see it, he verified it by citing what was said on a French blog about the incident. He isn’t making the situation out to be worse than it was. Seems to me that it WAS that bad.

  • Ninong

    Who’s redefining marriage for everyone? No one wants to redefine your marriage. If you don’t like gay marriage then don’t get gay-married. It’s as simple as that. Let’s face it, you’re losing this battle and it’s driving you nuts.

  • Ninong

    How many times are you going to copy and paste the same comment? What a moron!

  • Ninong

    Apparently almost all of the morons shouting to put the kids in front didn’t actually have any kids. They were volunteering the kids of others. Then there is that one idiot in the video clip that John posted who did approach the police barricade, while there was still tear gas in the air, with his very young son on his shoulders. In the video you can see others in the crowd pulling him back twice.

    However, a large number of people were chanting to put the children in front and that was in response to the police having just used tear gas against a few of their comrades.

  • Ninong

    There were no “police bullets.” What had just happened prior to the crowd chanting to put the children in front, was that a group of radical far-right students from the GUD had breached the police barricades, causing the police to use spray canisters of tear gas against them.

    It was because the police used tear gas that the mob at the front was chanting to put the children in front. The short video clip that John posted picks up just after the police repelled the students who breached their barricade. In that video clip, there is only one moron with his toddler son on his shoulders who approached the barricade and he was twice pulled back by other demonstrators who had more common sense and didn’t want to let him risk the child’s safety.

  • Ninong

    Marriage has been re-defined many times throughout history. You can’t be that dumb. Nobody’s that dumb. Not even Bill O’Reilly, who has no clue what makes the tide go in and out.

  • J. Wilson

    Another question: exactly how many children were used as ‘human shields’? The article and comments seem to imply that everyone involved was ready to use their own child to stop police bullets. Re-read the article, then consider the comment below ‘don’t the Taliban use children as human shields too?’ And the response ‘these people ARE the Taliban’! We ALL need to view today’s ‘news’ more objectively even if it fits the talking points we like.

  • Ninong

    The opposition political parties used this occasion as a way of demonstrating against the Holland government. Yes, they oppose “mariage pour tous,” which they call “le mariage des homosexuels,” but this protest was just an excuse to demonstrate against Hollande.

    The organizers of the protest are claiming a total crowd of 1.4 million people but the official preliminary police estimate places the total at 300,000. They said they will study the video clips and then make an official estimate. There were quite a few opposition politicians there trying to get as much air time as possible to make the evening news. They’re shocked that the police used tear gas against the people, claiming that one youth only 14 years old was “knocked out” by police tear gas.

    The GUD, an extremely right-wing student group got on Twitter this morning and called on all their members to show up and apparently they did. They were the ones initiating most of the physical force against the police.

  • KingCranky

    Was the protester with the child shouted down, or restrained from endangering the kid, by his fellow protesters?

    If not, then he had complete support from all the protesters who heard his shouts and saw his actions.

  • Ninong

    Why do you say “one moron?” Didn’t you watch the video clip? It was all the morons as far as the eye can see that were chanting to put the children in front. So stop lying and pretending it was only one moron.

    Maybe you should check some of the other videos on because they show much larger crowds chanting the same sort of bullshit. Looks like Nicolas Sarkozy’s party was out in force today to turn this into a full-scale protest against the Hollande government, probably because they’re super pissed that their little man is under investigation for conning that rich old French woman into giving him envelopes stuffed with cash in illegal campaign donations. I hope they send the little twerp to prison where he belongs.

    Not only Sarcozy’s pals were out today, all the Le Pen idiots were there, too. They goaded the police into using tear gas by breaching the barricades. It was immediately after the police successfully repelled that breach that the mob starting chanting to put the children in front.

  • Excellent point. Once there was tear gas, any normal parent would immediately remove a two year old from the scene.

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Equality isn’t a talking point.

  • Saddam Hussein did.

  • J. Wilson

    A pointlessly biased article followed by useless comments all aimed at supporting the usual talking points and foregone conclusions. Is Americablog emulating the Fox News model? Here’s a question: if one moron says ‘put the kids up front’ does that give us permission to portray absolutely everyone on the ‘other side’ as being as nutty as that person? With that in mind start reading the comments and inevitable condemnation of religious right, tea party, et al..

  • Naja pallida

    Well, the Bible is pretty clear that children should do whatever their parents say or they should be stoned to death. I guess it would fall under that?

  • Regardless how one feels about marriage equality or homosexuality in general, using a child as a human shield in a protest that’s already edged into violence is just fucking wrong. That man should be ashamed of himself.

    I feel sorry for that little boy, about to grow up being raised by a homophobic bigot, into a world where overwhelming majorities of young Europeans and westerners are in favor of LGBT tolerance.

    But yeah… a real ‘family values’ crowd there, protesting violently to deny legal recognition and support for the gay and lesbian families — both the childless and those with kids — regardless of the fact these committed couples and these families already exist! Denying civil marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples will not result in any more children being raised by “one mother and one father” — unless it is the intent for these anti-gay bigots to take away the children already being raised by gay and lesbian parents? Is it their plan to force single mothers and fathers, regardless of sexual orientation to marry? To force lesbians with kids to marry men, and gay men with kids to marry women?

    And as ever, since the homophobes have seized upon procreation as the entire reason for marriage in the first place, are they suggesting all infertile couples should have their marriages annulled and those who cannot or plan not to have kids be barred from marrying?

    I know the answer, obviously, which is the same thing they’re pushing on this side. They say they don’t hate gay people, but the plan fact is they want us all in prison.

  • I don’t dispute that.

  • Ninong

    Enough Already, do you believe in biblical marriage? You know, like Solomon and his 700 wives and 300 concubines. It’s okay if you do because Jesus thought highly of Solomon and compared himself favorably with Solomon. “Behold a greater than Solomon is here”—Luke 11:31

  • The people committing the violence, the people encouraging it, the organisers who at the very least did nothing to prevent it, and the american backers backers who condone it or distort it, are all to blame and should be taken to task for their actions.

  • You’re going on about this again? You’ve already been proven wrong.

  • What, say something you don’t like, I must be trolling? That is amusing.

  • Ninong

    Did you not watch the video clip? Are you deaf? They were chanting to put “les enfants” (the children) in front. That’s what the mob was calling for. They were chanting that they wanted to use les enfants as human shields to prevent the police from using tear gas. Because the police had just use tear gas, or something similar, from a spray canister on several protesters who had breached the barricades.
    Try to pay attention next time.

  • Ninong

    Fortunately there were at least a couple of less insane people in that mob who pulled the man with the toddler on his shoulders back fron the barricades.

  • Phil Bellerive

    John is it Troll Night on AmericaBlog?

  • A civil war because ‘2%’ of the population can get married when they couldn’t before? Is that what anti-gay marriage people have resorted to now? They’ve lost the majority support and are rapidly losing political support so they just abandon all reason and just make empty threats of violence if they don’t get their way?

    By the way, if bigots turn violent because gay people can marry, its the bigots fault, not the gay people getting married, because people are accountable for their own actions.

  • Ninong

    You should stop using the term “gay marriage” since it seems to upset you so much. From now on just call it marriage. Marriage equality is a fact of life in 11 countries plus 9 US states and the District of Columbia. And it will soon be legal in the UK and France!!!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it is legal all over the United States within the next few years, if not sooner. Then what will you do? You can’t take on the US military. Besides, now that they have done such a professional job of accepting the repeal of DADT, they get along just fine with their gay comrades and won’t take kindly to the likes of you disrespecting them.

  • Which Dead Zone movie are you talking about? The one with Christopher Walken or the made for TV series and movie?

  • I cannot imagine anyone not consumed by hate doing this to their own or anyone else’s children….

  • Why do you think the Tea Party have been called “The American Taliban.” These people are the “French Taliban.”

  • Ninong

    You seem to be obsessed with gay people. How long have you been that way? You know, obsessed with thinking about gay people all the time. Maybe you need to seek professional mental health care.

  • Ninong

    You can’t be that stupid, can you? That’s the exact same comment that was made in the South in the early 1960’s. “Segregation now, segregation forever!” Remember that one? They also threatened civil war.

    The only thing that will come of you and your ignorant pals is that you will all land in jail. The more the merrier!

  • HolyMoly

    Hmmm and after 4 or 5 millennia of GOVERNMENT in one form or another making a society what it is, along comes a true genius to tell us it’s marriage! I didn’t realize that gay marriage would somehow put the kabosh on infrastructure, research and development, medical advancements, education, etc. Instead of wasting all that money going to college, I should have simply gone to Pat Robertson’s summer bible camp!

  • each person who used their child as a shield needs to have their children taken away and put in foster care… then be tied down to a pole and have their asses paddled with a belt! 50 lashings each! Kinda like they used to do in the old days at Plymouth Rock when Pilgrims first came to America…

  • ppppfffftttt! troll

  • Come to think of it, I believe they do!

  • In other words, you don’t support personal responsibility. There’s no denying the American zealots do enough damage of their own, but that in no way means they’re responsible for someone else behaving in a vile way.

  • HolyMoly

    Interesting. Your estimation of heterosexual marriage is $20, while gay marriage is worth $100. By your own admission, it seems gay marriage might be very beneficial to society after all!

  • catdance

    As long as it keeps lining Maggie Gallaher and Brian Brown’s pockets, yeah, they’re going to keep lying — because NOM has to keep the lies flowing to stir up the “faithful” in order to make any money. Once this is resolved, Brian, Maggie and all their flying monkeys are out of jobs.

  • According to the propaganda of CBS, 300 thousand Parisians turned out to protest same-sex marriage and it was a successful event. Not one word was mentioned about child shields.

  • HolyMoly

    So the discussion about gay marriage is none of your business. It IS, however, the business of the gay community whether or not they want equal rights. So they ARE minding their own business. It’s YOU who desires to put your nose where it doesn’t belong.

  • What Vile disgusting pigs! using children as human shields…. People like that need to be locked up for CHILD ABUSE!!! Police also should have taken the children and put them in Protective Foster Homes. I hope the parents Serve Jail time for Child Abuse! Let them get their asses kicked in prison by the Prison Inmates while they serve a 10 year prison sentence with NO Parole!

  • Drew2u

    Hate to break it to you but zombies (reanimated dead) don’t exist. We’re on our own and it’s time people act like it and take responsibility for their own actions.

  • catdance

    Civil wars? I suggest you and your society start acting like civilized human beings and behave yourselves.

  • Drew2u

    Like Uganda?

  • HolyMoly

    Marriage wouldn’t be “redefined” for everyone. Heterosexual marriages will still be heterosexual marriages. How can you “redefine” that?

    The rights that gays deserve are the same rights everyone else has…such as marrying (not civil unions or some other semantic union) the person they love, along with all the legal rights that go with marriage. And that hurts heterosexual marriages how?

    As far as “civil war” being fought over it, LOL! It sounds to me like the old argument about not integrating the armed forces because some white bad apples will react violently to it. So, continue punishing the blacks because someone ELSE might do bad things…instead of cracking down on the assholes who can’t behave. The argument didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Threatening a gay-marriage-inspired “civil war” that will never happen is laughable.

    As a side note: There was a time when Christians were maybe 2% to 3% of the world’s population and they were “ripping society apart.” Do you think it was a bad idea for Constantine to declare Christianity the official religion of the Eastern Roman Empire? It all benefited a few people, while redefining life for everyone else under his dominion. But unlike Christianity, gay marriage won’t ever force itself upon the rest of the world by the point of a sword…or gun.

  • Drew2u

    Go forth and defend journalism against FOX and Breitbart and WND! I believe in you!

  • CattyNineTails

    “Put the kids in front!”

    Proof that a crisis really does bring out a person’s true character.

  • Drew2u

    legal contract between two men trading a cow for a daughter.

  • Stev84

    There are really no French evangelicals. They are negligible minority. Almost all Christians there are Catholics. Their tactics are indeed copied from America though. In particular nearly all their groups are astroturfed and given a secular veneer although they are controlled by religious people. Mixing religion and politics is very frowned upon in France (which takes church/state separation a lot more seriously than the US), so they had to come up with ostensibly secular reasons for their opposition. That’s the main difference.

  • Stev84

    The police were attacked by radical extremists precisely to trigger a response such as this. These clowns want to be portrayed as poor victims.

  • catdance

    These people ARE the Taliban.

  • Oh I’m happy to have the American religious right be blamed. Go for it.

  • Naja pallida

    And both New Black Panthers are eternally the faces of Democratic voter intimidation.

  • Zach

    Oh, for the love of God. Do you even know what AmericaBlog is? If you click on the “About Us” link at the top of the page, you find this: “AMERICAblog is a journal of news and opinion about US politics, both domestic and foreign, from a progressive point of view.” John and Co. never claim to be objective journalists.

    As far as the comment about children as human shields, you notice that he wasn’t shouted down as he shouts to put the children in front. If I had been at any protest where someone – anyone – suggested using children as human shields, there probably would have been a fist fight. And, yet, the man just walks around with his child on his shoulders thinking this is the best way to best the police.


  • Atomicavocado

    –“the police who had just used tear gas and batons to push back the protesters who had just attacked them”–

    The police weren’t lining the other side of the gate, and the protesters were the one throwing the first whine-and-punch.

  • mateius

    How does marriage make society?

  • Supporting it and causing it are two different things. How about the French zealots take responsibility for their own actions instead of claiming “The Americans made us do it!”?

  • Phil Bellerive

    You can say a lot of things about this: a lot of people feel strongly about this, American evangelicals are behind it – playing the French evangelicals like a violin, incredibly poor judgment all around, etc. But just make sure you come back to American evangelicals being behind it. It’s obviously one of their tactics, but the French religious right seems to have no clue as to when to tone it down.

  • Mateius

    There’s been redefined many times over the millenia. The church really didn’t even recognize marriage. It was a legal contract between 2 people.

  • That sounds like a threat to me.

  • I thought you were leaving. See Ya!

  • Jimmy K

    Max your mommy is calling, time for your daily enema! You love that momma up your ass, dontcha?

  • guest1

    Defending journalism not hate

  • Jimmy K.

    Moron, did you flunk out of 3rd grade?

  • No Hetero families with children take them for granted that they can have them and don’t appreciate what they do have. You need to do some research before you babble on!

  • Jimmy K.

    Get this piece of fucking shit off this page. Hey Max why are you so mad. Didn’t get any cock this weekend?

  • Putting children deliberately in harms way is cowardly! You are a moron!

  • Gareth

    It’s baffling to think how gays and supporters of gay marriage protest for the sake of equal love marriage. Whilst the buffoons are not only preaching hate but are teaching young children how to hate. If they are so supportive of keeping marriage as it is maybe they should focus on protesting about the very low success rate of straight marriage because that seems to be the biggest joke right now…

  • Jimmy K

    Hey you obsessive closet cast scum bag. Quit beating off looking at child porn and go away

  • Jimmy K

    In native American society gays are honored and special “Two Spirit” people. Do some homework idiot!

  • The funny thing is that they claim to protest for freedom ! The do not want equal rights for all and they claim they do that for freedom ….. Im seriously considering my new passeport and jump into the next plain .

  • And ‘women as chattel property’. And Biblical polygamy.

  • joe

    You’re an idiot if you trully think that. You’re just one fucking stupid idiot!

  • Help yourself on the way out. Your bridge misses you.

  • Jimmy K.

    They ought to take those children from the child abuser parents and adopt them out to gay American parents. And show the progress of their children, to them, from their vantage point from a Paris prison for the next twenty years.

  • WDS

    Sadly, the “family value” folks will waste NO time turning this into a martyrdom for themselves … cherry picking the “right” things to claim …

  • Drake Silvos

    Sometimes I just feel like all of human society should be re-made.

  • Zach

    I doubt civilised, rational society will miss you :) There are various dictatorships and theocracies where I’m sure your mentality will fit right in. The homosexuals there tend to ‘mind their own business’ after all.

  • Zach

    Appropriate to France or not, it’s awfully demonstrative of the ways in which:

    1) Marriage has been redefined;

    2) The paranoia and delusion of those who take the hard-line against societal growth and evolution can be traced through similar events in the past.

  • Kind of like the one guy, first in history, to ever use a gun against family values advocates suddenly became the face of “gay terrorism.” You set the rules, I follow them.

  • I do and you are the first in line.

  • Good movie and great parallel – using children to serve an evil objective.

  • clown

  • Enough Already

    I could call you bad names but I’m more civil than any of you. I don’t call people names.

  • I’m pretty sure I read that passage in the Bible: “It’s okay to thrust two year olds in front of cops yielding tear gas so long as afterwards they’re not hurt.”

  • In the US there were 150 Indian tribes all had Gay marriage ceremonies they were called marriage of beings with two souls, then the Christians came and distroyed there way of life and traditions because it was wrong to do such things “because the bible said so” We must respect all points of views and religions if we desire for others to respect our own. I myself dont follow any religion my view is simple and that is GOD has no Religion so why should I? ALL IS GOD AND GOD IS ALL, I AM that I AM

    Many Blessings to you and all who suround you.

  • I believe both sides are wrong, the police shouldn’t use aggression but a defensive posture in a tight situation and the religious man there with his kid was an idiot.

  • You’re funny, I just said this to myself and posted the video at the end of the post!

  • Don’t let the Ctr Alt Delete hit your ass on the way out. You sick f**k.

  • FactsnFigures

    As a foster carer, I beg to differ. After 20 years of caring for children (over 80 separate placements), I have never once had a child in who’s gay parents had hurt them. Gays who have adopted, yes. Gays who have harmed, no. Strangely enough, all of our abused children seem to come from straight couples.

  • Enough Already

    OK good bye — no love lost in this place!!!! Time to call the thought police!!!!

  • “Marriage is what makes a society” What blithering nonsense..

  • Max_1

    Good catch…

  • Its not redefining marriage for everyone… if your not gay then has nothing to do with you… homophobic ass…

  • Enough Already

    Marriage is what makes a society. I’m looking for a society that has the real thing.

  • nicho

    What a sad life that leaves you defending hate.

  • I wish Jesus would come back and teach all these haters a lesson.

  • I’ll raise you one pity and place a major contempt. —-for you.

  • Enough Already

    The miscegenous-marriage argument is rather broken for France wouldn’t you say?

  • nicho

    In the last 150 years, the Mormons alone have redefined marriage three times.

  • Is THIS what YOU want? Marriage equality doesn’t affect you or your marriage, but your buddies in France up above sure are affecting their kids. I pity you.

  • Moderator, we’ve got a major hater here. Not funny.

  • I’m not OK with straight bigots who don’t mind their own business.

  • Espousing “family values” while you pick a fight with the riot cops using your children as a human shield – hypocrites, bigots, and cowards…. These “people” don’t deserve to raise children….

  • Max_1

    “Children are better off with the people that can have them –“

    So a junkie who has unprotected sex makes a better parent than a gay couple who adopts a child?

    One is planned, the other an accident with unwanted consequences…
    … What is it you really are batting for?

  • FLL

    After the Supreme Court strikes down Prop 8, you still might have many states without marriage equality. However, I’ll admit that it will only take a few short years from now for the Supreme Court to affirm marriage equality nationwide. So kindly go and take your civil war to your Aryan Nation compound in northern Idaho. Bon voyage.

  • Enough Already

    Lying is calling something it is not. Gay marriage is the lie.

  • Simple answer, Yes. And I hope to see you in the front row, although I suspect you are a coward. Snively troll.

  • see for yourself:

  • I’m ok with people of whatever sexuality so long as they don’t restrict the rights available to those of a different sexuality. How on earth would same sex marriage ‘rip society apart’? I am married, straight and Christian and live in the UK. As same sex marriage is appearing on the statute books you know I didn’t wake up one morning and notice that my marriage, my relationship was any less secure than it was before the legalisation. If you think that redefining marriage (once again, for the legal terms of who can marry whom, availability of divorce, women not being defined as property) is a threat to your society, that must be a very frail society indeed.

  • Enough Already.

    Gay marriage has no equal. Would you like to swap a hundred dollars for my twenty? They aren’t equal.

  • You are f’ing crazy. Evil troll.

  • Max_1
  • Reminds me of ‘The Dead Zone.’

  • Max_1

    Children are much more likely to be abused in gay families.

    L I A R

    Children are more likely to be abused by the Roman Catholic Church…

  • How does gays marrying rip society apart you moron. Marriage has been redefined multiple times in the course of human history, otherwise you’d still be able to marry multiple women, your sister, your rape victims, and you wouldn’t be able to divorce.

  • Enough already

    Children are much more likely to be abused in gay families. Why do you want to hurt them? I know you will disagree. Read the story of Dawn Stephanowicz who was raised by a gay father. It’s a known fact among many professions — biological parents are less likely to abuse their children. Ask any family counselor, therapist, or sociologist. I don’t care for an emotion-driven argument. Children are better off with the people that can have them — the way nature made it.

  • Zach

    I’m glad you agree that we deserve the same rights as heterosexuals :) If the fabric of your society is so fragile that it can be ‘ripped apart’ by 2-3% of the population, perhaps it’s time you found a better one. Personally, I consider my society to be robust and adaptable, often not as quickly as one would like, but happy and strong none-the-less.

    I do recall some arguments about the fabric of society being thrown around when they were discussing interracial marriage, no-fault divorce and rape in marriage (you know, when they effectively redefined marriage in such a way that didn’t render the woman a man’s property anymore…)

  • Max_1

    If you’re OK with gays…
    … Why oppose marriage equality?

    Nope, you’re not that OK w/it after all…
    … Otherwise it wouldn’t phase you.

    You gonna keep on lying and blaming the oppressed for the way YOU think?

  • I’m no fan of these bigoted assholes and taking a kid to the front was moronic in the extreme BUT the only actual violence in the video is from the pigs.

  • as guest1 said. I am in no way supporting any sort of anti- LGBT protests. any, and every member of the LGBT community is just as entitled to make whatever decisions they please, good or bad, as the rest of the people in the world.
    but i feel this is incredibly unfair and blatantly bias. It paints a picture where there is a protest full of people using there kids as shields during a violent interaction with an especially unforgiving group of police…

    there is no reason to try and paint them out as worse than they are. everyone for gay rights will already feel like these people are wrong on a moral level. and everyone against gay rights will already think that we are all idiots trying to kill marriage.
    all you achieve with blatantly bias articles such as this is tarnish credibility. if you aim to deliver the news, there is a standard that is expected of you to keep it unbiased and deliver the facts straight out, regardless of personal opinion on the situation. I am disappointed in how this article was composed and hope that in the future we can see some less bias news in the blog.

  • Enough Already

    I’m ok with gays that mind their own business and I’m phobic about homos.

  • Max_1

    Each gay family not allowed to protect the family through Federal recognition and the 300+ rights that flow from a Federally recognized marriage hurts any children in that marriage.


  • Margaret Whitestone

    Bollocks. Marriage has evolved continuously over time, and “one man one woman” is but one variation of it. Get some real education and stop spewing nonsense.

  • Zach

    You are kidding right? You think marriage as we know it today is how it always has been, across cultures for all time? You don’t suppose that colonialism might have implanted certain judeo-christian ideologies into areas that perhaps had different cultural practices beforehand?

    How about the role of marriage historically in Europe alone? Please tell when what dowry you got/expect to receive upon marriage? Shall you be gifted with new land holdings?

    Your ignorance is embarrassing.

  • Enough Already

    Any children hurt? NO.

  • Max_1


  • Max_1

    “Nobody has ever re-defined marriage before and …”

    L I A R

    Loving v. Virginia


  • Enough Already

    Gays can get the rights they deserve without redefining marriage for everyone. This approach is ripping society apart to benefit maybe 2% to 3% of the population that is gay. There will be civil wars over this. Is that what gays want?

  • Amongst their many, many faults they appear to be craven cowards.

  • Are you kidding me? Marriage has never been redefined before??? It’s be redefined more times than not, even in just the last 100 years, and you have the audacity to say it’s never been redefined? Go do the research before you post such drivel.

  • He was calling the others to follow his lead, guest1. NOM and the like call LGBTs irresponsible parents when a child writes a letter saying how great their family is, and they support actions like this???

  • Leota2

    No one sane does this to their children.

  • Enough Already

    Nobody has ever re-defined marriage before and a lot of people don’t like that. Marriage exists in countries with no civil rights at all, so this isn’t about rights, rather it’s about changing the structure of society.

  • 2patricius2

    I can’t either.

  • guest1

    Misleading title it was one guy, one kid :P

  • Police should have taken the kids into protective custordy! let the protesters explain to a judge why they deserve their children back

  • Doesn’t the Taliban use children as human shields too?

  • UncleBucky

    Thus dies conservatism, putting their kids in harm’s way and fighting love with hate.

  • caphillprof

    I cannot imagine gay folk doing this to their children

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