US Roman Catholics say church is out of touch

An interesting survey of US Roman Catholics from CBS/NYT showing what we already knew, that a lot of American Catholics think their church is out of touch.

Keep in mind that in Europe, the Catholic church fares even worse.  Yes, there’s a presence in Eastern Europe, but in western Europe you have Italy, where the Catholic populace is often no fan of the Vatican, Spain where they just made gay marriage legal, and France where no one goes to church any more.

The United States is the high point of the church’s western influence, and even in the states, Roman Catholics tend to think their church is too extreme, too conservative.

Here are a few key points from the poll:

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Interestingly, Catholics were much happier with their local church than they were the bishops.

Also, it was interesting to see that the infallibility of the Pope was called into question, and even more, that on “difficult moral decisions” people follow their own conscience, not the Pope’s edicts.

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Outgoing Pope Benedict caused a stir by suggesting a while back that condoms are not the solution to the AIDS crisis, and in fact exacerbate the problem.  That was one of the most idiotic, and deadly, inanities to come from a Pope in recent years.  And guess what?  US Catholics overwhelmingly disagree.

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Catholic hypocrisy via Shutterstock

Catholic hypocrisy via Shutterstock

The final point that I found particularly interesting was that 54% of American Catholics would like to see the next Pope be more liberal, whereas only 18% wanted him more conservative, and only 19% wanted him to stay the course.  (Not that it matters, this isn’t a church that particularly cares what anyone thinks – they aid and abet pedophilia, mind you – let alone its own adherents.)

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There’s a lot of talk about the church’s move into Africa in order to bolster its weakening numbers.  The Anglicans/Episcopalians have tried a similar tactic, resulting in some real nutjobs trying to force more mainstream Anglicans into embracing some of the most extreme and bigoted elements of African society.

Keep in mind that in Nigeria, for example, “Christians” burn children alive as “witches.”

Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson via Haiducul, Wikipedia.

Ghanian Cardinal Peter Turkson via Haiducul, Wikipedia.

Catholics should take heed.  After all, one of the top Pope candidates is reportedly an African cardinal, Peter Turkson, who thinks pedophilia is a “white” thing.  Turkson also thinks that pedophiles are actually gay, an antiquated notion that was debunked by science decades ago.

Though I must admit, a part of me would like to see the Catholic church continue its path into irrelevancy.  Another part of me understands that the pedophile-enablers who run this religion sadly exert far more influence than is deserved in US politics, and thus it’s to our benefit that the forces of sanity eventually take over in Rome.  Here’s hoping.

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25 Responses to “US Roman Catholics say church is out of touch”

  1. pappyvet says:

    I think they’ve touched quite enough

  2. mike31c says:

    I just assumed the RCC is supposed to be out of touch with modern times and in reality. They call it ‘faith’.

  3. I would ask, when has this church ever been in touch (excluding Altar boys, of course)?

  4. Bosfarcal says:

    Better that Catholic priests were kept out of reach. They can always work on the out of touch thing later.

  5. says:

    Catholic Church Considers Rebranding to Become More Hip

  6. I know that archbishop Lori of baltimore was involved in protecting kiddie twiddlers and have a compy of hte articlss in the CT POst. But the links dont work now, showing more cover up. Well at least he got his head handed to him re the gay marriage equality law, which the voters supported.

    As for RATZInger, he UNexcommunicated a bishop williamson who is a holocaust denier in 2009. He can tell that to the souls of my Jewish wife’s parents 1st cousins who were never found again in E. Europe after WWII

  7. All you need to do is look at Africa back about 1950 and see the colonization and highway robbery of those people by catholic countries (English Anglican is essentially catholic)

    The hatred of Jews that brought on the election of a catholic madman Hitler and the holocaust

    The actually Catholic -xtian crusades from about 1000 to 1500 that killed tens of millions of Muslims. They havent forgotten

    The early xtians all tortured and burned at the stake for daring to be hereics to rome

    teh HOLY Inquisirtion of kangaroo courts, torture and murder. BTW RATZI’s prev job was to run the CDF – successor to the Inquisition

    the sex starved priests

    REligion is the curse of humanity and it mostly trancends all religionsIN Israel a couple of orthodox Jews called gays wworse then bird flu. Conveniently forgetting that gays shared the holocaust with the close relatives of those jews.

    A university in the USA about 5 years ago did a study that said if the catholic church hadn’t controlled almost all of Europe in a cabal of church and king, we would have had the I’net by 1600 And presumably all the life saving medical technology etc etc.

    Good riddance to the whole damn thing. Just try to hlpe others in need and forget about God. If there is one he’ll surely recognize your good works in an afterlife

    If there isnt at least you helped others

    BTW Islam is probably just as culpable.

  8. cole3244 says:

    roman catholics are out of touch for supporting this criminal entity masquerading as a church.

  9. The sex abuse scandals and the plummeting number of priests and nuns certainly add to the issue.

  10. Uh, what? The story that Nero started the fire of AD 64 comes down to us from Suetonius and Dion Cassius, neither of whom was Christian.

  11. Zorba says:

    Yes, and some of the current Christians still think that they can bring about the so-called end times.
    And your point is? My point was, as I said below, that religion is the problem. It’s not just the Catholics. It’s pretty much all of them.

  12. Zorba says:

    Yes, and Islam began over a millennia and a half ago, and Judaism is way older than Christianity, and they both have produced crap, as well.
    I am in no way excusing the Catholic Church- they need to be either totally cleansed, or be thrown onto the trash heap of history.
    What I am saying is that the main problem is religion, period. They are all scams.

  13. nicho says:

    Isn’t that where the Mormons are going to set up Valhalla?

  14. nicho says:

    And don’t forget that because Christians got to write the history books, they slandered a lot of people. You could begin with Nero. The Christians did start the firesmin Rome, or helped them to spread. They were trying to bring about the end times.

  15. UncleBucky says:

    Not only them, but all the religious who pulled hair, hit hands and backs of legs with rulers and embarrassed middle school kids who were finding their hormones surging. And the parish priests who let that happen.

  16. UncleBucky says:

    Where would New Rome be built in North America? Walter M. Miller (Canticle for Leibowitz) suggested that it might be in St. Louis.

    We might have the flame deluge (yet) but maybe we might really see a North American Catholic Church and to heck with much of the rest of the RCC. It would not however, be run by American bishops.

  17. samiinh says:

    I would agree that there are terrible things done in the name of many religions, but the RCC has been around for 2 thousand years, burning witches or heretics and destroying lives among the masses by their phoney belief systems in rewards after death and false hope. It was designed as a means to control other people with no one to answer to. We see that as they sweep their sex crimes under the rugs. This crap has been going on for centuries. Total mind control for many poor sheep, though from the survey above, it may be that in America and Western Europe the scam is finally being realized.

  18. UncleBucky says:

    Maybe they’ll have a jumble sale before they part out the buildings.

  19. theophrastvs says:

    Not to remotely excuse the Catholic church, but of all major world religions, which are most “out of touch” or “irrelevant”? There are a helluva lot of folks worldwide following the Catholic church and giving them money as is true for (various subdivisions of) Islam, Mormonism, Scientology, Judaism … they’re undoubtedly irrelevant to such western liberals as you and i, but… well, my tedious point is made.

  20. Zorba says:

    Well, it’s certainly up there, but “most evil”?
    I don’t know about that. I would consider religions or societies that practice female genital mutilation including infibulation, right up there in the ranks of evil.
    As well as societies/religions that think that women should be encased in enveloping robes, head to toe, in public. Not to mention societies that think that girls who are raped should either be whipped, killed, or forced to marry their rapist. Not to mention societies/religions that think that homosexual people should be killed.
    So, yes, there are worse institutions than the Catholic Church. And I am not going to give them a pass at all, because they are horrible. But “most evil”? There is even worse evil in the world, most unfortunately. :-(

  21. Indigo says:

    mmm . . . bacon.

  22. 2patricius2 says:

    If the next pope is not a person open to change, I hope the oldest most decrepit, most reactionary man is elected to further discredit the men in charge and their messages. I say this as a former Catholic who has siblings and nieces and nephews who really are Christian in deed, not just in name.

  23. Dave of the Jungle says:

    I would like to see the Catholic Church bring back burning people at the stake. They can start with the pedophile priests.

  24. samiinh says:

    IMHO, the RCC is perhaps the most evil institution ever created by mankind.

  25. Indigo says:

    Liberal or conservative, it really doesn’t matter. The Church needs a manager who can take ahold and flush out the Vatican’s Stygian Stables before the fecal matter flows in the aisles.

    Sex scandals are helpful cover for a serious bank scandal that has simmered for more than a decade pretending not to notice the long-standing practice of money laundering. Be angry about the child abuse, be angry about the misleading teachings but ultimately, liberal-conservative? ¡No is nada renada!

    Management has collapsed while the eunuchs parade in Renaissance finery, sputtering pompous demands and pretending entitlements erotic and financial and even respect based on nothing more than the hot air they fart out their mouths.

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