This bird seriously likes Rock & Roll (video)

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  • hollywoodstein

    Little Corella, or Bare Eyed Cockatoo, appears to be.

  • Bird’s the word!

  • Glenn I

    When I read Oliver Sacks on music (I generally love Sacks) I got quite irritated when he did that thing where you claim only humans do X, humans are unique because only they do X, whatever X is. In the case of Sacks he claimed only humans DANCE!

    Irene Pepperberg, writing about Alex, the parrot she worked with on language research, talks his reaction to Haydn: “We had left behind the endless miles of cornfields and succession of
    summer tornadoes … Alex had been terrified by the tornadoes. He could
    sense the change in air pressure long before we [humans] were aware of
    anything: the only thing that soothed him as the storms raged was
    Haydn’s cello concerto, which sometimes swept him into a trancelike
    state, his body moving gently, eyes squinting almost shut.”

    And, finally, an NPR story of 2010 reports on an analysis of youtube videos in which birds dance.

  • Oh Sasha goes nuts if any animals are on tv. She’s finally gotten over running behind the tv to look for them. She used to watch tv with me no matter what was on – we went through much of the entire series of 24 together, which worried me about what effect it might be having on her.

  • Jim Olson

    Little dude’s got some moves.

  • Dan Ackroyd

    “I always wonder whether these animals are reacting in glee or horror to the music.” They’re reacting like the cool dudes they think they are.

  • Ninong

    Obviously the cockatoo loves to dance to the music. My sister’s dog doesn’t usually pay attention to programs on TV unless a dog is involved. Then he definitely watches as long as the dog is part of the action. She tuned in to the Westminster Dog Show one time just to see if he would be interested and he sat there and watched it intently. He was definitely into it.

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