Skating on thin ice in Norway (video)

And who says Norwegians aren’t any fun?

I believe this is an example of when it makes sense to say “don’t try this at home.”

I’m not sure what this guy is drinking, but whatever it is, it must be strong. There’s no way you would take off your shirt and skate onto (and through) thin ice just drinking coffee.

I’m not a winter person to begin with, but watching this makes me cold.



Yeah, who hasn’t done this?


And here’s perhaps the craziest part:



No, strike that, it gets worse:



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  • Gustav2

    If only he had made the label more prominent.

  • hollywoodstein

    Well, I tried to pump up the post comments, but I guess they can’t all be miracles.

  • I knew when I first saw the post that alcohol, in mass quantities, must surely be involved.

  • OtterQueen

    So…. is this an ad for Vikingfjord vodka? I mean, a really bad ad?

  • Sweetie
  • hollywoodstein

    Don’t answer that.

  • hollywoodstein

    Miss Holly Woodstein, blessing or a curse?

  • hollywoodstein

    Or do I have to, The reason why the prop8 brief is so heinous is not the nuanced legal artifice, but rather….

  • hollywoodstein

    I trust you have learned your lesson.

  • hollywoodstein

    Not even a passing, ” That’s nothing. I skate on thin ice everyday.”

  • hollywoodstein

    Wow, a self promoting buffoon skating got fewer comments than an omelet.

  • hollywoodstein

    Let me see if how I can make this about the prop 8 brief?

  • hollywoodstein

    So this is what viral marketing has come to?

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