The gay kiss as political weapon

This is actually quite interesting. TIME magazine chose as its cover this week, two different covers – one showing a gay couple kissing, the other showing a lesbian couple kissing.

Just as significant, the headline “Gay Marriage Already Won: The Supreme court hasn’t made up its mind — but America has.”

Why is this a “wow”? Because newspapers and magazines get hell for posting photos of gay couples kissing. It shouldn’t be a “thing,” but it is a thing.


The kiss has been quite a powerful political weapon in the gay arsenal for a while now. And checking our archives, it’s rather amazing how important the “gay kiss” has been to our political struggle over the years. Here are a few incidents you might recall.

The “first” Gay Kisses

Roseanne’s lesbian kiss in 1994:

First gay kiss on Primetime as Adam and Ethan kiss on Dawson’s Creek in 2000:

The first gay kiss on daytime television in 2007  on “As the World Turns” between Luke and Noah – it’s really cute:

Adorable Gay Kisses

The lesbian Navy couple that that got the “first kiss” off the boat right after DADT was repealed:

The adorable Marine couple and their adorable homecoming kiss that flew around the world at light speed, and the Marines’ great response when asked about it:

The Amazing Race boys doing their big old kiss on prime time TV a few months back:


The time the SF Giants Kiss-Cam went gay.

ESPN’s bowling kiss.


And here’s the video of the ESPN kiss, start watching at about 2 minutes in – it’s adorable:

Gay Kisses that caused a scandal

The time the Mormons arrested a gay couple for kissing near their temple.

The Chicago bus driver who allegedly threw a gay couple off a bus for kissing.

When Southwest Airlines booted the L-Word star off a flight for kissing her girlfriend.

The time the Denver Post (just the other week) got into trouble for publishing a gay kiss, and then defended it.

UK PM Cameron supported banning gay kisses before 9pm on the tele.

When ABC canceled Adam Lambert’s scheduled appearance after his much-televised gay kiss that the CBS Early Show blurred to “protect” its viewers:

The time Facebook banned a gay kiss (and then corrected itself).

The Gay Kiss as political weapon

And the gay people who responded to Mormon hate with a growing number of kiss-ins.

The Spaniards who greeted the Pope with a kiss-in.

Paris Kiss-ins:


The gay kiss that disrupted the Santorum rally.

The guys kicked out of a taco place in El Paso, Texas for kissing.

The 74 year old gay protester arrested for kissing an anti-gay preacher on the cheek.

The Spanish gay boys who kissed on Al Jazeera to protest their new anti-gay right wing government:


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