Will NOM condemn French “pro-family” violence, use of kids as human shields?

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the lead anti-gay activist group fighting equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians in the US, has yet to speak out against the violence its brethren in France committed yesterday in Paris in the name of “defending marriage.”

As we reported last night, religious right anti-gay-marriage marchers in France yesterday got violent with local police who were simply trying to keep the “pro family” protesters from entering a forbidden area. But NOM’s allies in France were having none of the authorities’ repeated admonitions to please back off. NOM’s allies pushed and shoved police officers, grabbed at them and their equipment, until the French police were finally forced to use batons and tear gas against the increasingly unruly anti-gay mob.

But it didn’t stop there.

NOM’s “friends” in France, as NOM calls France’s anti-gay anti-marriage activists, then started a rallying cry for protesters to use their own children as almost human shields against the police, who by now had warned protesters repeatedly to back away. But they didn’t back away. One protester, a man possibly in his 40s, with his two or three year old son on his shoulders, urged his fellow protesters:

“On met les enfants devant! On met les enfants devant!”

“Let’s put the kids in front! Let’s put the kids in front!”

This was moments after police in the same location had just used their batons and tear gas on the protesters.

The protester then marched right up to the French riot police, in the zone they had told him to back away from, with his child on his shoulders, when only moments before there was violence and tear gas.

What kind of parent would see violence and tear gas and the first thought that goes through their mind is “bring the kids the front!”?

That’s the question of the day for NOM.  NOM was shameless in promoting the last protest that anti-gay “family values” activists held in Paris, writing about it over and over again on their Web site.  Even Buzzfeed noted the close ties between NOM and the French anti-gay activists. And here’s NOM’s president Brian Brown in Paris at the earlier rally in January, bragging about his support for the French anti-gay activists:

And NOM was happy to post a big picture of today’s Paris march on its own Web site:


In addition, who seems to be paying the most attention to NOM’s Facebook page these past few days?  Why, the Parisians:


Connection after connection after connection between NOM and the French, yet not a peep from NOM about its French ally’ use of violence against police officers, and their call to use children as human shields.

How does NOM about parents exposing small children to tear gas and riots?

Make no mistake, NOM’s own president, Brian Brown, traveled to Paris to not only join the last big anti-gay anti-marriage march, but to also conspire with the very anti-gay leaders who were also behind today’s violent march.  Here is Brian Brown in his own words:

I am proud to be a part of this historic moment in France…. I have been so excited to be part of this new international solidarity movement in defense of marriage, children and family…. But I am inspired to see that those of us in America who hold the institution of marriage sacred truly have so many friends overseas and around the world.

A new day is dawning for marriage.

As I said when I ended a speech last night before a group of French leaders in the fight to protect marriage: Vive le Marriage — Vive la France!

A part of this new international solidarity movement.  Friends.  And a speech to anti-gay French leaders.

Clearly NOM is allied with the violent pro-family movement in France.  So what does NOM have to say about that violence?  And about putting French children in danger in order to score points in their battle against the civil rights of gay men and lesbians?

And before NOM tries disown its connection to the French protesters, earlier this year, in addition to all the other pro-France stories on NOM’s Web site, there was also this – a nasty broadside against France’s pro-gay president by NOM:

The new elected ruler of France has no plans to marry his current partner. After all, he never married, in thirty years, the mother of his four children, with whom he split up recently. His current partner is legally married to another man.

Perhaps you can’t expect a man with those views and values to understand that marriage is, for so many, a sacred value (even for many without explicit religious belief); to understand that marriage is society’s way of expressing not just a personal relationship but an intergenerational compact: the need to bring together male and female so that children can know the love of their mother and father.

Clearly NOM is in bed with the French anti-gay protest movement.  And clearly NOM needs to speak out against the violence, and the total lack of concern for the safety of children, that was shown by NOM’s French allies yesterday in Paris.

NOM always tells us that their never-ending war on civil rights is “for the children.”  Will NOM speak out for the children who were put in harm’s way NOM’s own allies in Paris  yesterday?

And what has NOM done to ensure that the same pro-family violence doesn’t break out in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, where NOM has organized its activist to descend to coincide with the court hearing two gay marriage cases, Tuesday and Wednesday?  NOM brags on its Web site that a contingent tied to the French pro-family radicals will be at the Supreme Court on Tuesday.  The NOM post includes a photo of what are apparently French activists in Washington, showing support for the now-violent rally in Paris.

nom-gay-kidsNote once again the prominent role underage children play in NOM’s propaganda.

What guarantees has NOM made that this French contingent won’t replicate the violence of its Parisian brethren before the US Supreme Court on Tuesday?

When will decry the violence?

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