Mila Kunis interviewed by her biggest UK fan: Strangest interview ever

Mila Kunis, a big actress who’s a good Democrat, did an interview recently with BBC Radio 1, and her interviewer was this young guy, Chris Stark, who is apparently her biggest fan, and just falls to pieces during the interview.

The kid was told ten minutes before the interview that he was interviewing Mila Kunis. He jumped in a cab and raced over to her hotel.

It’s truly adorable.  He just kind of swoons and she carries the interview.  They end talking about their favorite drinks, his friends and their weird names, and he asks her out three times. As the kid says later, “it went violently off message.”

BBC's Chris Stark interviews Mila Kunis

BBC’s Chris Stark interviews Mila Kunis

Like the interview we posted of Jennifer Lawrence and George Stephanopoulos, when Jack Nicholson crashed it – I really like when “stars” are able to be normal human beings.

Anyway, it’s a very cute interview, and has been going viral like nuts since it was posted 2 days ago. Enjoy. PS Below the video is a video of the kid himself talking about the interview on a radio show he works on, it’s quite cute too.

And here’s the kid talking about the interview, it’s cute too:

And here’s Mila Kunis on BayWatch as a child, since she mentioned it in her interview:

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