Herd of buffalo rescue their baby from 5 lions, 2 crocs (video)

The video, circa 2007, from Kruger National Park in South Africa is of a herd of buffalo accidentally walking into a group of 5 or so lions.  The lions attack and are able to tackle a baby buffalo, the rest of the herd has run off.  Just when you thought things couldn’t get more gruesome, two crocodiles grab on to the poor baby buffalo and start trying to pull it into the water, while the lions are trying to pull it on to land.

But fear not, the adult buffalo have regrouped and basically charge the lions, showing amazing courage.  Around 5 minutes and 10 seconds into the video, you actually see a buffalo attack one of the lions.  It’s amazing.  The buffalo is actually able to scare one of the lions off.

Then at 5:49 another buffalo runs in and throws one of the lions into the air, using its horns.  So after the initial gruesomeness of the poor baby getting caught, it’s actually quite a fascinating video.

I’ve been to a lot of parks in Africa, and have seen some amazing chases, both in person and online.  And this battle is right up there among the best.

Whether the person who filmed it actually made money (a million dollars, according to whoever posted it on YouTube) or not is another question.  But the series of events is really something to see.

The real problem ahead for a number of the animals is whether they will survive following this epic battle. Injuries often lead to serious health issues later.

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  • melbach007

    The way that buffalo was dressed he was asking for it.

  • Jonathan_Justice

    This does perhaps have some relevance to some of the other matters that Americablog discusses from time to time. Afflicted as we are with a culture in which greed crazed big bankers and their minions blithely identify with top predators and Rand-on about how that is what life is about, it is more than instructive to see to see a bunch of buffalo demonstrate that they are in charge, and even somewhat organized about it.

    The lions would seem to have been remarkably stupid, hungry, or both. They attack a calf in a small band of buffalo, creatures they ordinarily have the good sense to leave alone. The adult buffalo run off. We read it as panic. They go for substantial reinforcements. A large number of buffalo return to the site, They evaluate the situation, “Stupid lions, live, if injured calf.” They call up the designated hitter. He takes out the lions (mostly lionesses by the way) with limited assistance. Injured and intimidated, the lions leave the field. Buffalo evaluate calf, who indeed may not survive. Lions miss lunch, lick wounds. Buffalo return to eating and drinking.

    One might note the way in which the British Empire and its leading predators identified with the lions and worried about Socialists.

    A more informed picture of the lions niche in the environments they inhabit would depict them as service providers to the vastly larger population of herbivores. Lions remove aged and otherwise infirm herbivores, but the herbivores, foolish as they may look to folks who identify with the lions, rule the scene in a surprisingly sophisticated way. If the lions get out of line, the buffalo show them who is boss.

  • I didn’t realize that about the buffalo. I’d have thought they were slow lumbering animals, and prone to being picked off. That video was amazing. The balls on those buffalo, to take on lions.

  • Ooh very cool, hope you have a good camera!

  • evodevo

    There aren’t any predators that will challenge an adult African buffalo – they usually have right of way everywhere. Lions/leopards usually go only for the smaller calves. Hope this one didn’t die later of infection from the croc bites – their mouths are very “dirty” and infection is common.

  • Don

    Amazing video! We will actually be in Kruger National Park next week!! Hope we see something like that!!!

  • Lions: 11,486

    Crocks: 2,964

    Buffaloes: 1

  • HS Lee


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