Lion Whisperer in South Africa literally frolics with lions (video)

Kevin Richardson is known as the Lion Whisperer, or the Lion King.  He manages 38 lions, all bred in captivity, in his own lion park, and has developed quite an amazingly cuddly and playful relationship with the animals.  The park costs him $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

Even though the lions are less aggressive than completely wild lions, this is still dangerous enough.

In Zimbabwe I played with a nine-month-old lion and was very surprised at how strong it was. Even when the young lion didn’t mean to be rough, he was rough. The lions in the video are full grown adults, and you can see how large they are.

The biggest danger is that when the lions play, they can be rough – though not meaning to hurt the guy, they could still seriously hurt him anyway. Human skin is quite soft compared to the very rough fur of lions, and if something happens and he starts to bleed, watch out. Nature can kick in quickly.

Still, it’s really stunning video.  I’ve found some additional ones online, and posted a second below. Ooh, even better, I found a 45 minute National Geographic documentary on Kevin Richardson in HD. I’ll post that third, below.

Here’s the HD National Geographic documentary:

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  • FLL

    Here’s another video showing Richardson with the cubs 1 week after birth, 2 weeks after birth, etc.:

  • Drew2u

    I didn’t mean to infer that he allows that practice, I just meant to remind people of what photo-ops do to these creatures, and to be wary.
    Also there is still no exotic animal ban even in Ohio where the breeder committed suicide and set all those animals free, only to be killed by police.
    Also, lion meat is still being sold and still available for purchase in the US, I believe, despite a decline in the lion population.

  • He doesn’t have visitors, yet.

  • Drew2u

    Just for the record about posing for pictures with cubs:

  • I do worry that one of these days it’s not going to end so well. Still, it’s pretty amazing.

  • Holy cow, just watched that one. I may even post it separately. FAr too many videos of this guy having strangely wonderful moments with these lions for these to be a fluke.

  • I’m gonna take the odds that he ends up like that grizzly guy, including the movie part.

  • FLL

    In one of his videos, a mother lioness that he’s raised since she was a cub offers him her newborn cubs to hold. I don’t think that’s ever been recorded before, as mother lionesses usually don’t even let other members of the pride near their newborn cubs.

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