300 lb. lion walks up, sniffs terrified cameraman’s crotch in Botswana (video)

Earth Touch cameraman Graham Springer was in Okavango Delta, Botswana photographing a pride of lions.

After a while the pride decided to walk off, but one lioness took a different route and walked right past Springer. It then stopped, turned, got curious about the camera bag at his feet, and walked off to sniff the camera bag. That’s when it noticed Graham.

It turned to Graham, sniffed his crotch, then like all good cats, got bored and walked away.

Graham wisely froze the entire time.

I know Chris has done trips like this in Africa, and I believe he has some harrowing stories. I’d like to do something like this some day, though I’m not sure I’d enjoy having that close an experience with a lion. I met some somewhat mild monkeys in Brazil several years back, and they were terrifying enough. You think monkeys are cute until three of them are climbing all over you, and one is sitting on your shoulders, legs hanging down across your chest like a child, and he’s covering your eyes with one arm, while the other grabs the string around your neck you use to hang your sunglasses on and pulls, hard. Did make for some fun photos.

Here’s a screen shot from the video, and then the video:


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