Life is easier, and the world a much happier place, when you’re dumb

This is a cute video about a new pill that can permanently lower your IQ, since “life is easier, and the world a much happier place, when you’re dumb.”

Of course, like all medicines, the pill comes with a warning:

“There is one side effect that I must mention. All those people that you have no concern about, will suddenly start to annoy you. People of other races, other sexual orientation, people with more money, basically anyone different from you. But the good thing is that you won’t have to hate them on your own. You’ll make plenty of like-minded friends. Because you will be in the majority.”

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  • I think many of them are. Not all. But there’s definitely a degree of ignorance (which goes beyond being dumb) to a lot of hate.

  • hoary_nodens

    With an IQ of 70 you can think that voting actually matters.

  • AndyinChicago

    No, I’m sticking with what I put. This is just saying anyone who hates me is dumber than me. It’s just juvenile.

  • woodroad34

    So, out of curiosity, when you took the pill, what did it taste like?

  • woodroad34

    Hmmmm, so the pill wouldn’t make them happy because being angry is stupid already and in addition they have simplistic thinking to come up with idiotic plans so the pill will make them MORE brain dead and turn them into walking vegetables? I see a show on AMC.

  • nicho

    Oh, for heaven’s sake.

  • I’m not sure they’re supposed to find it funny.

  • AndyinChicago

    This is elitist and upsetting. Everyone thinks they know better than everyone else. It’s self pitying and holier than thou.

  • MS

    I am not sure this is funny. I get the concept, but there are people born with low IQs and for them and their families, this might not be amusing

  • nicho

    But you have to understand. They’re happy being angry. When they can see that their simplistic, black-and-white theories are more complicated than they imagine, they get sad.

  • With an IQ of 70, you could LEAD the GOP — it works for Limpburger!

  • Why would Chris Christie even want to set Tor’s farts on fire???

  • woodroad34

    Wait, if Republicans are so angry all the time with their paranoiac and angry reptilian amygdalas or whatever, does that conclude that Republicans ARE smart and would benefit from this pill to make them happy? I would think they’d better benefit from something that would raise them up and make them more appreciative of language, beauty and humanity…now that would be “smart”

  • nicho

    Imagine if Chris Christie tried that. It could be the Hindenburg all over again.

  • Love it…. but… they still wont get it….which is the sad reality of it.

  • With an IQ of 70 you too can become a Republican and Wave to your fellow dumbbells with an arm fart!

  • Tor

    I can’t wait to set my flatulence on fire!

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