Joe Lieberman joins GOP think tank

Now there’s a surprise.  Former “Democratic,” then Independent, Senator Joe Lieberman, who famously endorsed Republican John McCain for President over Democrat Barack Obama, just joined a Republican think tank, the American Enterprise Institute.

Lieberman’s supposed job at AEI is to “rebuild a bipartisan consensus about big foreign policy questions.”

They left out part of the sentence.  It should read, “rebuild a bipartisan consensus to support Israel at all costs and go to war, a lot.”  I’m all for Israel, but people like Lieberman, who like to pretend they’re “bipartisan,” when they actually have a pretty extreme agenda themselves, tend to make me ill.

Joe Lieberman simply wants bipartisan support for his selfish dogmatism.  The same way he sought bipartisan support in his attempt to kill health care reform, and in his successful bid to kill lowering the age of eligibility for Medicare, and in his unsuccessful bid to join the Republicans in seeking to gut Medicare.  (Lieberman’s wife, by the way, worked for a health care, pharmaceutical lobbyist.)

Let’s recall a few more of Joe “I’m a moderate” Lieberman’s best bipartisan hits:

So, it’s nice that Joe Lieberman has finally found a home with a party that can truly appreciate his desire to spend trillions of dollars getting America into more wars, while gutting Medicare. Good riddance.

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