Joe Lieberman joins GOP think tank

Now there’s a surprise.  Former “Democratic,” then Independent, Senator Joe Lieberman, who famously endorsed Republican John McCain for President over Democrat Barack Obama, just joined a Republican think tank, the American Enterprise Institute.

Lieberman’s supposed job at AEI is to “rebuild a bipartisan consensus about big foreign policy questions.”

They left out part of the sentence.  It should read, “rebuild a bipartisan consensus to support Israel at all costs and go to war, a lot.”  I’m all for Israel, but people like Lieberman, who like to pretend they’re “bipartisan,” when they actually have a pretty extreme agenda themselves, tend to make me ill.

Joe Lieberman simply wants bipartisan support for his selfish dogmatism.  The same way he sought bipartisan support in his attempt to kill health care reform, and in his successful bid to kill lowering the age of eligibility for Medicare, and in his unsuccessful bid to join the Republicans in seeking to gut Medicare.  (Lieberman’s wife, by the way, worked for a health care, pharmaceutical lobbyist.)

Let’s recall a few more of Joe “I’m a moderate” Lieberman’s best bipartisan hits:

So, it’s nice that Joe Lieberman has finally found a home with a party that can truly appreciate his desire to spend trillions of dollars getting America into more wars, while gutting Medicare. Good riddance.

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  • You’re all for Israel why, exactly?

  • Sweetie

    He can get to DC by car, even.

  • dula

    There are quite a few under the umbrella of douchebaggery.

  • lynchie

    too true. liberalism left the part decades ago.

  • Sweetie

    And don’t forget Liberman’s usefulness to shut down Wikileaks by actually threatening companies that did business with the site.

    Whenever the Dems needed it to be even more obvious than usual that the party has nothing to do with liberalism, Liberman was their man.

  • Sweetie

    And one of the first things Obama did as president was get into bed with Lieberman to stop the FOIA from being useful to get public access to the torture videos and photos.

    Gutting transparency was right up their alleys.

  • henry wallace

    Double nought republican/Israel spy. What more can be said?

  • Naja pallida

    I can’t think of a more ready-made way to throw money into the shredder than paying Joe Lieberman to think. Sounds to me like the AEI has decided that the whole Libertarian thing was just a gimmick and given up on it, because Joe-Liar hasn’t ever espoused a libertarian thought. His whole legislating philosophy while in Congress was very much the opposite.

  • lynchie

    Well you better load up on anti-depressants because it is going to get no better. Obama already has his parachute parked in the Caymans and will be on the board of every wall street brokerage and bank.

  • lynchie

    Aren’t you talking about John McCain

  • lynchie

    Don’t ever forget Obama and the DNC supported him in his run as an independent.

  • Quelle surprise… not.

  • josephebacon

    LIEberman finally has a job worth his “talents”

  • dula

    His narcissism turned him into a vindictive, mind game playing, douche. Typical.

  • dula

    He’s the only thing that makes me glad Gore lost.

  • Butch1

    He was always there ever since he began hating the “liberals,” his own state went against him. the Democratic National Party backed another candidate for election and wanted to vote for a real democrat. He never forgave them and ran as an Independent and stuck it to the democrats whenever he could even though he pretended to caucus with them. He ran around with McCain and campaigned for him and voted for him. Nevertheless, Republican president Obama let him keep his chair position and power along with that spineless Reid who pretends to be on the side of the democrats as well.

    One wonders why Reid and Pelosi have gotten away with all of their lies and pretending to be democrats for this long and the people still vote for them? Obama is another one who pulled a fast one on the people. Liebermann had an axe to grind and he swung it at the president when ever he had a chance. It seems that the President didn’t care. Now that he has revealed he is where he belongs and really hasn’t fooled anyone he can quit pretending to be something he isn’t.

  • Just_AC

    What I always think of, is how lucky America sometimes is. Imagine all of the past few VP candidates. Lieberman, Cheney, Edwards, Palin, Ryan and Biden. Thank god none of them ever had to assume the mantle of the presidency! I actually believe that McCain picking Palin caused him to lose the election in 2008

  • mirror

    The pay off. Wow, can the corruption in our rotting edifice be any more obvious? What “consulting” deals has Obama already made? This shit is very depressing.

  • BlueIdaho

    Lieberman is a joke. I would gladly pay his one way airline ticket to Israel.

  • I couldn’t stand the way Holy Joe was described as “bipartisan” and “independent” and all those other adjectives that were supposed to make us think that he was lofty and principled and not just another politician. He didn’t want to rise above the partisan divide; he lived to exploit it. Making a show of straddling the political fence was his whole raison d’etre, his well-practiced shtick. He profited from the rivalry between parties. If the political comity that he supposedly was hoping to work towards had actually existed, his occupation would have been gone.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Democrats are Republicans in drag. And they both do it (politics, that is) for the money.

  • lynchie


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