Two of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear (video)

I recently discovered the TV series “Fringe.” It’s an amazing show that’s now over, and I’m not entirely sure how I missed it in the first place. It’s totally up my alley – kind of a modern version of X-Files that’s funnier, more sci-fi-y, and less skeptical of the reality of the unreal.

I worked my way through the entire show for free on Amazon Prime in two weeks.

During one episode in Season 3, this song comes on by Jeremy Little. It’s his version of the Wizard of Oz classic, “If I only had a brain.”

Let me say, just wow. It’s nearly as good (but not quite) as Eva Cassidy’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which is one of the most beautiful pieces of music you will ever listen to.

So first up is Jeremy Little – the video includes clips from Fringe. And after that, Eva Cassidy’s amazing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was filmed at Blue’s Alley in DC in 1996. Cassidy died that same year at the age of 33, from malignant melanoma. She became a hit after her death.

Jeremy Little:

Eva Cassidy:

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