Idaho schools to ban vaginas?

An Idaho high school teacher is in trouble for saying the word “vagina” during a biology class lesson on the human reproductive system.

And he should be reprimanded.  Everyone knows the appropriate term for the female reproductive organ is “woo-woo.”

What is wrong these people?  It was a class about human reproduction and the teacher said the word “vagina.”  What word was he supposed to use?

Oh, and the teacher also stands accused of showing a pro- climate change film in class, Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth.”  They’re actually accusing the teacher of breaking the rules by “supporting a political candidate” by showing the climate change film.  I don’t recall Al Gore running for office since 2000. Then again, in Idaho the year is only 1400.

© John Aravosis

© John Aravosis

Without question it’s better to treat high school students like complete children and avoid dangerous words like penis and vagina. If they know the anatomical words it will make it more likely that they will crank out babies on the spot, like during study hall or morning prayers.

We can only hope that the schools also avoid mentioning anything about birth control, because protected sex is crazy. Oh, let me stop myself. In fact, the teacher is in trouble for also talking about birth control, and herpes.  Which is odd, since usually extremist Republicans like it when we tell kids that sex will kill them.  Not this time, apparently.

I mean sure, the teacher in question says that he teaches straight out of the books (that have presumably approved by the local school board), but we all know that science and facts have a liberal bias. This science teacher is so dangerous that he has been said to teach about climate change, as if the overwhelming majority of scientists not on the Koch Brothers or Exxon payroll agree with such theories.

Keep in mind Idaho is also a gun-nut state where the gun-nut legislators repealed a rule stopping gun nuts from bringing guns into the state capitol building until a gun nut actually did, and suddenly they all freaked out.  Idaho, like most GOP strongholds, is a big “do as I say, not as I do” state.

Idaho is also the state where a GOP gubernatorial candidate made a joke about assassinating President Obama.  That was okay, you see – but using anatomically correct terms about the female reproductive system in an anatomy class, not so much.

Idaho is also the state where a white supremacist was running for sheriff, and where a GOP legislator compared Obamacare to Auschwitz, since we all know that the real goal of the Holocaust was to help Jews find cheaper and more comprehensive medical care.

And finally, Idaho is also the state where school boards have pulled the international baccalaureate, just in case it’s really a socialist plot to woo our children to Marxism, which is not to be confused with wooing our children to woo-woos, which aren’t necessarily Marxist, unless they’re Marxist woo-woos, which you can easily identify by their red berets and surly demeanor.

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