Hilarious kid steals show at dad’s gay marriage press conference (video)

“I want daddy to stop talking.”

A hilarious video, below, of a recent press conference in Minnesota, that took place in late February, with gay parents and their kids speaking out against Minnesota’s law banning gay marriage.

Things didn’t go quite like the event organizers had planned.

The kids utterly steal the show. At one point, little Emmett starts playing with daddy’s Adam’s Apple during his presentation, at another he rolls his toy truck over daddy’s head and down his face mid-talk, and then puts his hand over his dad’s mouth and says “I want daddy to stop talking.”


In the middle of this, as little Emmett grabs for daddy’s microphone, someone else’s little girl runs on stage and starts touching Emmett’s back in some kind of effort to help :)

Pioneer Press has a bit more background, and some great photos you can click through to see:

Despite 3-year-old son Emmett’s best efforts, Minneapolis pediatrician Paul Melchert, left, speaks Wednesday at the Capitol in support of a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. Melchert’s husband, James Zimmerman, holds Emmett’s twin brother, Gabriel. “Love is love,” said Zimmerman. “Our focus is all about family and creating the safest environment for our kids we can.”

I’ve never seen a better video demonstrating that gay families are simply “families.”

Here are some pictures from the video, followed by the video itself.


Toy truck on the head.




Daddy’s Adam’s Apple is absolutely fascinating.



Then, someone else’s little girl comes on stage to “help.”


Toy truck on daddy’s face.


Little Emmett has finally had it – enough of daddy’s press conference. Shortly after this he said: “I want daddy to stop talking.”

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  • They had their children with them to demonstrate that theirs was a happy and loving family. They’re trying to end the stigma against gays adopting so that more kids like theirs will have loving parents. There’s nothing phony about it.

  • Kraftwerk

    Children used as props. It works for the straights and for the gays.

  • Sweetie

    I like Zimmerman.

  • Badgerite

    This excellent video makes the point quite nicely that what this civil rights struggle is really about is family values. These families are as valuable to the people who inhabit them and therefore to the community as any other families. They deserve protection and validation from the state. I mean seriously, how much more upstanding, straight-arrow can you get. I know an ‘abomination’ when I see one. And that ain’t it. They should show this video at the Supreme Court. The speaker makes excellent points.

  • mirth

    Cute kids, yes, but even cuuuuuter daddies.

  • Carlos Blanchard

    We (my husband & I) have adopted our little “Ray of Light”, he is 9 now. He is daddy’s boy instead of nobody’s . . .
    We live in Indiana & after 7 years together we married in Connecticut. This next March 27 will be our 10th anniversary; we fostered our boy since he was 6. Since removed from his biological “people” he dealt usuccesfully with 4 different preadoptive families. Thanks to a brave wise judge who respected our relationship and our union, and gave appropriate relevance to our marriage, there is 1 less unhappy child in America and 2 happily married American men which overall equals a happy American family.
    Humanity. . . Should be equal for all!
    Raise awareness, end discrimination. 
    Do it for me & my family. 
    Do it for your own family.
    On my honor, I will do my best to help other people at all times.

  • W.C. Fields once remarked on the folly of taking the stage with children or animals, because they will steal the show every time.
    Thank you for this video.

  • Seriously. I love that he calls him “daddy,” that’s all you need. These are clearly well-adjusted happy kids.

  • will

    Wow, that is perfect! The actions of the kids say so much more than the parents could have with words.

  • judybrowni

    Awwwwwwwwwww, cute kids!

  • Ah! Forgot to post it! Just added it, thanks :)

  • Will

    awesome, but where is the video?

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