Here’s the Internet/cable TV ad they ought to run (video)

If only this wasn’t so true. The Internet and cable TV game is rigged in the US, and it’s consumers who lose.

The political class makes out okay because of the big dollars handed out every campaign season. As for the rest of us, we pay far more for cable TV, Internet, phone and cell service in the US than they pay in Europe, for example. Here in France, the phone, TV and Internet package starts at around 30 euros, or $36 – and the speeds are generally faster than you’ll get as a standard package in most US cities (though, admittedly, customer service tends to be non-existent over here).

John was just telling me that in Washington, DC, he pays $180/month for basic Internet and basic cable TV, has to pay extra for HD (which is hardly some new-fangled technology at this point), and his package doesn’t include any premium movie channels at all. $180, that’s insane.

Thanks, Congress!

FYI – there’s small amount of language in the video.

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