Gay marines in love (adorable video)

Have to hand it to the President on this one. I never thought I’d be seeing gay Marines giggling on camera about how they fell in love.

Meet Russ, a video blogger, and his boyfriend Matt. In this video, they answer reader questions about how they met, and more.

It’s simply adorable. And bizarre to imagine we’re watching gay Marines talk about how they fell in love, with no repercussions. We live in amazing times.

Russ has another video he posted of what it was like coming out to his father. He said the viewers had asked him why he did a video about coming out to his mom, but nothing about coming out to his dad? He explains, “that answer is actually really simple: because he won’t talk to me anymore.”

Russ continues:

He really only had three things to say to say to me when I came out to him.  And that was:

1. I  was dead to him.

2. He could never be more ashamed of me.

3. And that he’s moving out of the town we live in, because he doesn’t want to live in a town where everyone knows he has a f*ggot for a son.

(H/t Towleroad.)

Here’s the video of Russ talking about his bad experience coming out to his dad:

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