Democrats behind “Fix the Debt”: Gaius on Ring of Fire:

Programming note: I’ll be on this weekend’s Ring of Fire discussing the Democrats behind the mis-labeled “Fix the Debt” campaign. (They mean “Fix Catfood for Grannie,” but only if she deserves it.)

Ring of Fire is hosted by Mike Papantonio, Sam Seder and Robert Kennedy Jr. Broadcast time is 3:00 pm Eastern, with a rebroadcast on Sunday night at 8 pm Eastern. It’s also available by podcast.

This week’s lineup:

Syndicated columnist Tina Dupuy will join us to talk about the financial boon that the arms industry has experienced by disguising their quest for profits as allegedly preserving our 2nd Amendment rights.

Author and journalist Alexander Zaitchik will tell us about the millionaire money that’s helping put John Stossel’s Fox News propaganda in our schools.

Author Bill Black will tell us why austerity measures won’t work in America, based on what we’ve seen happen to other countries.

And Gaius Publius from America Blog will help us uncover the billionaire backers of the austerity-driven “Fix The Debt” campaign.

Click here to listen live. This looks like a good show. Bill Black has been writing at Naked Capitalism lately, and doing excellent work. He was also on last week’s Up With Chris Hayes.

The kickoff pieces for my segment are these:

■ The Democratic turncoats behind the “Fix the Debt” attack on Medicare & Social Security

■ 127 corporations that want to “Fix the Debt” by gutting your retirement

Tune in if you can. Thanks.


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  • Phil Perspective

    And Himes worked at The Vampire Squid(Goldie) in his previous career.

  • Huh

    One more person who needs more scrutiny is Jim Himes, congressman from CT. Look at the history:

    He introduced David Walker (director of Pete Peterson foundation) as the expert on the debt in a town meeting in 2010 and allowed him to basically run the meeting.

    In 2011-12 he runs break out sessions using materials from the Concord Coalition to discuss how to reduce the debt. Concord Coalition . A front group for Pete Peterson.

    In Fall 2012 Jim Himes gets an award from Concord Coalition and tweets to his opponent that he must not know anything about the debt because he is disagreeing with Pete Peterson.

    January 2013, Jim Himes attends meeting of the NoLabels coalition (another group funded by Pete Peterson).that sponsor a bi-partisan approach to problems. But seems more like a way to network with like minded debt reducers

    Feb 2013 Jim Himes is given the post of Finance Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Caucus emphasis on relations with business.

    I am sure he will be well connected to over 100 CEOs that are part of the Fix the Debt organization–funded again by Pete Peterson

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