CPAC “minority outreach” session debates whether slavery was a good thing for blacks (video)

At today’s CPAC conference, the largest and most important GOP/conservative conference of the year, an argument broke out during the “minority outreach” session as to whether slavery was a good thing for African-Americans.

A supporter of Rick Santorum in the audience seemed to suggest that slaveowners had nothing to be forgiven for, since they fed and housed their slaves.

It went downhill from there.

When I hear “GOP Minority Outreach,” I think of that old Twilight Zone episode where the earthlings are somewhat uneasy about the newly-landed aliens’ hand of friendship. They discover that the aliens have a book in their possession titled “To Serve Man,” and finally accept that the aliens are reaching out to them in genuine friendship. Only too late do they discover that the aliens’ friendly outreach was something else entirely.

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Here’s the Twilight Zone episode summarized in 4 minutes, it’s a classic – watch it and find out about 3 minutes in what the book really is.  Then watch the video from the CPAC session after.

Here’s some video of the discussion, and ThinkProgress has much more.

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