Corgi go bragh – a St. Patrick’s Day parade of corgis (video)

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  • BlueIdaho

    Just adorable!

  • Mark_in_MN

    A parade of corgis is always cute, because corgis are just plain cute. But why a St. Patrick’s Day parade for a Welsh dog bread? St. David’s Day (March 1) would be a better choice. Nevertheless, its hard to find fault with a corgi parade.

  • indep_in_la

    That was very cute. We’ve got 3 of our own because you can’t have just one!

  • usagi

    And den my head asploded from the cute…

  • Since this is a ‘fun’ thread, I’ll post a completely off-topic but hilarious PSA version of “How To Fight With a Lightsaber”

    “Aim to the side. Dodge just in case.”

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