Coffee-powered car (video)

I am clearly addicted to coffee. I look forward to my two cups every morning. Even the night before I’m thinking about my morning coffee. Yum.

So these guys have built a car that runs on waste coffee grounds.  Below is a video, and you can read a bit more about it on PopSci.

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  • Asterix

    The product is called “producer gas”, created in a process more than 200 years old and was the way that many municipalites provided gas for illumination (“gaslight”) and cooking. The town gasworks would inject steam into hot coke and pipe the mixture to consumers. Steel mills used to fire their furnaces on “coke oven gas” produced in much the same way.

    Because of the carbon monoxide content the stuff was deadly if leaked–and is the original reference to sticking one’s head in the unlit kitchen oven to commit suicide.

    Methane, or natural gas, has a much higher caloric content and is relatively safer, so it displaced the old gasworks.

    But basically, any carbon-bearing substance can be used for the process. Coffee, wood chps, etc. all work just fine.

  • S1AMER

    But does it have to stop frequently to pee?

  • hollywoodstein

    We are owned by the fossil fuel industry. Some of the first cars were electric. A hundred years of development later, I still can’t buy one on a major companies dealer showroom. Conspiracy or not?

  • Naja pallida

    What a waste of coffee. You can get more out of those grounds!

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