Chris Christie undecided on therapy to “cure” gays through homoerotic hugs

Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Republican governor, a man who fashions himself a 2016 presidential candiate, is unsure about therapy that claims  to “cure” gays through hugging them homoerotically and then bashing a pillow with a tennis racket.  Seriously.

New Jersey is considering similar legislation to that recently passed in California, banning “ex-gay” therapy to supposedly cure gay people, especially kids, through all sorts of bizarre and downright laughable techniques, such as the two I described above.  Other techniques include “manning up” the gay guy, making him play sports and learn to act like a man, whereas lesbians are forced to put on pretty dresses and lipstick.  This is what Chris Christie is unsure about.

Governor Christie is saying that he’s just not sure he likes the legislation, because he’d hate to interfere with a parent’s right to use quack science to permanently damage their child and push them into suicide.

You really out to read this piece in  It’s horrific.  It reads like something out the 1950s, but it happened much more recently than that.  They’re still giving kids electro-shock therapy for being gay or trans.  Even more idiotic, they gave a trans teen therapy that’s reserved for “curing” gay people (even though it doesn’t) – giving her medicine to make her throw up while looking at pictures of same-sex couples.  These quack therapists apparently don’t even know the difference between being gay and being trans.

Naturally, representatives of groups that claim gays can be cured showed up, and I’m sure they didn’t talk about the fact that most of their leaders have now come out and admitted that the entire thing is a hoax, no one is ever “cured.”  At best, they can maybe turn you celibate.  Which has nothing to do with “curing” anyone’s sexual orientation.  The leader of the lead American “ex-gay” ministry recanted, so did the leader of the British one, and the Latin American one.

Hope springs eternal for Antarctica.

There are lots of different “cures,” none of which work.  Some involve having young boys take off all their clothes in front of their much-older male therapist, who then directs the naked young gay boys to play with themselves in front of the older man, who watches.  Yeah, “therapy.”  So that’s what the kids are calling it nowadays?

Other therapies involve homoerotic hugging, where the male therapist hugs the gay man, a lot, on a couch.  The Daily Show, incredibly, got the “ex-gay” expert to show his technique on the air:

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Another “cure” involves having the gay man take a tennis racket and beating the life out of a pillow, while screaming.  The pillow supposedly represents your mother.  CNN did an amazing broadcast highlighting this lunacy – seriously, watch this video if you want a good look at what Gov. Christie is unsure about.

Keep in mind that Gov. Christie is the guy responsible for killing gay marriage in New Jersey last year after the legislature passed legislation and he vetoed it.  (And sure, they’re still trying to override the veto, but we wouldn’t even be in this situation if Christie weren’t a typical neanderthal bigot like every other Republican wanting to run for President.)

In the end, I don’t know if Chris Christie is a hater, woefully uninformed, or a wimp who, like Mitt Romney, thinks the only way he can become President is by renouncing all of his past moderation.  That whole ethical cleansing thing didn’t work too well for Romney in 2012, and I doubt Chris Christie will fare any better in 2016.

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