And I had no idea that Charo’s got talent (video)

Earlier I posted a 1940s video of Liberace playing a wonderful piano in a movie.

I’d seen him on TV in the late 60s, but I was just a kid – so I remember the outfits, and him sitting at a piano, but I was too young to appreciate how well he actually played the piano. In that video I posted earlier, he’s just amazing. And it’s funny to see him in a white tux (or smoking jacket, or whatever).

Well, @ChaosMonkey mentioned on Twitter that now I should look up Charo playing guitar.

I kind of scratched my head even more on that one – Charo played guitar?

For you young-folk, Charo (aka Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza) is a Spanish-American woman who was big on TV in mid-60s and 1970s, especially on Carson (at least from what I remember). She played a bit of a busty blonde bimbo who kept saying “cuchi-cuchi.” Oh and she could barely speak English, or at least pretended to not know much.  She was quite funny and charming.  I used to love to see her on TV.

Here she is with Don Rickles on the Tonight Show – this clip will give you a very good feel for who she was. And I actually forgot how pretty she was. But that personality – this was a woman who could seriously hold her own, against Don Rickles, no less.

Well, apparently, Charo plays an awesome Spanish guitar.

Here’s one performance of hers on the Martha Stewart show:

And here’s another recent one from 2011 in California:

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