Proof that cats are truly awesome (video)

This video so cracked me up. It’s a compilation of clips of cats, being jerks.

I literally laughed out loud at several parts, including the first clip.

I’d normally share this later in the day, and reserve the early afternoon for hard news, but this was too good to pass up. And it’s Friday after all. Enjoy.

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  • Jolosturo

    Video was removed. I missed it! Damn!

  • “It’s a cataclysmic comedy riot!”

  • UncleBucky
  • Jenigma

    I think it’s that instinct to sink their claws and teeth into something. And, if the TP is hanging, it also “moves” when they bite/ scratch it, adding to the prey effect.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Cats must have press agents. A mother dog is called a bitch. A mother cat is called the queen, and she takes it literally.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra


  • Jim Olson

    This is life in our house.

  • Oh on this one, you won’t.

  • LOL maybe I’ll try that title for a bit

  • nicho

    What is the cat-fetish with TP???

    Because it’s there.

  • nicho

    Cats aren’t jerks. That distinction is reserved for humans. This is what cats do. It’s in their nature. They are only doing what come naturally to them. Jerks are people who give cats cute names and expect them to act against their nature. Only humans do that.

  • milli2

    Must. not. watch. these. at. work. I always think I’ll be able to control my laughter, but I never can……

  • UncleBucky

    What is the cat-fetish with TP??? Is it nesting material? Is it barrier to the place where mice lurk? Is it a strange delicacy? It’s not fishy. What is it with some cats? OMG!

  • Cletus

    Wondered where I got it from… ;-)

  • Fun—-make a tube horn out of the paper roll and blow it at em. watch the reaction….

  • OMG, I just knew that Beavus and Butthead were cats!

  • Yep, I posted that one the other day.

  • Cletus
  • PeteWa

    hahaha, that’s cute. our guy loves to pull our towels down off of the rack if he can reach them, usually we just hang them to dry on the shower rod now.

    one of his other favorite things is the cardboard tube inside a paper towel roll, especially if we stuff one of his toys inside for him to tear it out.

  • This really should be titled, “Proof That Cats Are Truly Awesome”.

  • Sasha goes after my TP as well, though only when I go out and lock her up in the bathroom, and only sometimes. Her other trick is to pull my towels out of the wicker slide out basket they’re in, under my sink, and then she crawls in the basket and sleeps. Again, only when I”m not home.

  • PeteWa

    lol – our dog does the same thing with TP, we finally gave up on putting it on the roller and just keep it on a shelf he can’t reach now.

  • MichaelS

    Love it… *THIS* is why I’m never going to own a cat! ROFL

  • Oh god, I just keep watching this again and again and laughing.

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