Carly Simon, David Crosby, Jimmy Webb: “In My Room” (live)

Note from John: I’ll be on CNN’s Reliable Sources at 11:15am-ish Eastern time this morning (Sunday) to discuss how the media handled the gay marriage cases before the Supreme Court this week (DOMA and Prop 8).  I’ll be on with the Washington Post’s conservative blogger, Jennifer Rubin, who has been generally quite good on gay civil rights issues.  Then again, I tend to anticipate the worst for these kind of panels, so stay tuned.

Continuing the Beach Boys theme: In March 2001, the music industry hosted a live tribute to Brian Wilson, the genius composer behind many of the best Beach Boys songs — think “Good Vibrations” — in which a number of other performers sang Brian Wilson compositions.

From the Radio City Music Hall on March 29, here’s Carly Simon, David Crosby and Jimmy Webb singing Brian Wilson’s lovely slow ballad “In My Room”.


The Beach Boys: Even the sad songs make you happy.


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