Every time a judge frees a black man or a gay, Carly Fiorina kills a kitten

GOP “star” Carly Fiorina – she’s one of the most prominent women in the Republican party, outside of dingbat Sarah Palin – said today on ABC’s THIS WEEK that she doesn’t want judges deciding civil rights cases.

The majority, who hate the minority – thus the very definition of civil rights abuse – should vote on how much they hate that minority.


Yes, God forbid we let judges actually do their job.

Fiorina was reacting to the news that conservative GOP Senator Rob Portman is now in favor of gay marriage, after his college-age son came out to him two years ago. Other Republicans reacted poorly to Portman “agreeing with sodomy.”  They basically accused him of turning his son gay.

Here’s the transcript of Fiorina this morning:

FIORINA: I think we have to be careful, because John Boehner’s views, which are different from Rob Portman’s views, are equally sincere.  And I think when we get into trouble on this debate when we assume that people who support gay marriage are open and compassion and people who don’t are not.  It’s why I believe the right way to solve these very personal issues is to let people vote on them, don’t have judges decide it, don’t even have representative government decide it, let people vote on it in the states.

I think people of both points of view, accept the democratic process.  What they don’t always accept is a bunch of self-important, self-appointed judges saying this is culturally the new norm.

First off, what judge is “self-appointed”?

Fiorina is typical of America-hating, and gay-hating, Republicans.  They hate our democratic system of government, they hate the separation of powers, and they hate that the third branch of government, the courts, have this penchant for doing the right thing, unencumbered by politics.  So, they’ve been undercutting the courts’ authority for decades.

In the same way that the Republicans have systematically tried to destroy the media’s credibility for years, because the media was a gatekeeper of the truth, Republicans have been doing the same to judges for the exact same reason.  To a Republican, a judge who can’t be controlled, a judge who adheres to the truth, must be destroyed.

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo: Antônio Milena/ABr.

The truth, you see, has a liberal bias.  As does freedom.  So both must be curtailed, as Republicans can’t win if the truth wins out.

By her logic above, Republicans like Carly Fiorina would put black civil rights up to a popular vote too.  God forbid those “self-important, self-appointed judges” interfere with white conservatives’ “sincere” hatred of the black man.

All you Alabamians who think Rosa Parks should ride in the front of the bus, raise your hands!

It’s difficult to be more hateful and bigoted than Fiorina.  She’s the veritable GOP bigot in sheep’s clothing.  Let’s let the haters vote on our civil rights, which pretty much guarantees the result, especially in places like Mississippi, where a plurality of Republicans still think inte-racial marriage should be banned.  And while I’m sure Carly Fiorina would deny putting Rosa Park’s bus privileges up to a popular vote of white southern bigots, in the same way she denies she and her fellow knuckle-dragging gay/black/women/latino-hating Republicans are intolerant bigots, Fiorina would be hard pressed to explain the difference.

How could Carly Fiorina think civil rights today shouldn’t be up to judges, but it was okay to have judges integrate our schools and strike down bans on inter-racial marriages?  Were judges “self-important” when they let the Lovings marry, Carly?  And does she remember what happened when we let white Mississippians vote on whether to abolish slavery?  They “forgot” to hold the vote until last month.  Oops.

Does anyone really question how this CPAC conference-goer, proud representative of today’s Republican youth, who thinks slavery was good for blacks, would vote on civil rights?

Carly Fiorina is today’s Republican party.  Suer, they’ve updated the haircut and the clothes, added a bit of bling, but at its core, just as hateful, bigoted and intolerant as ever.

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