Every time a judge frees a black man or a gay, Carly Fiorina kills a kitten

GOP “star” Carly Fiorina – she’s one of the most prominent women in the Republican party, outside of dingbat Sarah Palin – said today on ABC’s THIS WEEK that she doesn’t want judges deciding civil rights cases.

The majority, who hate the minority – thus the very definition of civil rights abuse – should vote on how much they hate that minority.


Yes, God forbid we let judges actually do their job.

Fiorina was reacting to the news that conservative GOP Senator Rob Portman is now in favor of gay marriage, after his college-age son came out to him two years ago. Other Republicans reacted poorly to Portman “agreeing with sodomy.”  They basically accused him of turning his son gay.

Here’s the transcript of Fiorina this morning:

FIORINA: I think we have to be careful, because John Boehner’s views, which are different from Rob Portman’s views, are equally sincere.  And I think when we get into trouble on this debate when we assume that people who support gay marriage are open and compassion and people who don’t are not.  It’s why I believe the right way to solve these very personal issues is to let people vote on them, don’t have judges decide it, don’t even have representative government decide it, let people vote on it in the states.

I think people of both points of view, accept the democratic process.  What they don’t always accept is a bunch of self-important, self-appointed judges saying this is culturally the new norm.

First off, what judge is “self-appointed”?

Fiorina is typical of America-hating, and gay-hating, Republicans.  They hate our democratic system of government, they hate the separation of powers, and they hate that the third branch of government, the courts, have this penchant for doing the right thing, unencumbered by politics.  So, they’ve been undercutting the courts’ authority for decades.

In the same way that the Republicans have systematically tried to destroy the media’s credibility for years, because the media was a gatekeeper of the truth, Republicans have been doing the same to judges for the exact same reason.  To a Republican, a judge who can’t be controlled, a judge who adheres to the truth, must be destroyed.

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina in São Paulo, Brazil. Photo: Antônio Milena/ABr.

The truth, you see, has a liberal bias.  As does freedom.  So both must be curtailed, as Republicans can’t win if the truth wins out.

By her logic above, Republicans like Carly Fiorina would put black civil rights up to a popular vote too.  God forbid those “self-important, self-appointed judges” interfere with white conservatives’ “sincere” hatred of the black man.

All you Alabamians who think Rosa Parks should ride in the front of the bus, raise your hands!

It’s difficult to be more hateful and bigoted than Fiorina.  She’s the veritable GOP bigot in sheep’s clothing.  Let’s let the haters vote on our civil rights, which pretty much guarantees the result, especially in places like Mississippi, where a plurality of Republicans still think inte-racial marriage should be banned.  And while I’m sure Carly Fiorina would deny putting Rosa Park’s bus privileges up to a popular vote of white southern bigots, in the same way she denies she and her fellow knuckle-dragging gay/black/women/latino-hating Republicans are intolerant bigots, Fiorina would be hard pressed to explain the difference.

How could Carly Fiorina think civil rights today shouldn’t be up to judges, but it was okay to have judges integrate our schools and strike down bans on inter-racial marriages?  Were judges “self-important” when they let the Lovings marry, Carly?  And does she remember what happened when we let white Mississippians vote on whether to abolish slavery?  They “forgot” to hold the vote until last month.  Oops.

Does anyone really question how this CPAC conference-goer, proud representative of today’s Republican youth, who thinks slavery was good for blacks, would vote on civil rights?

Carly Fiorina is today’s Republican party.  Suer, they’ve updated the haircut and the clothes, added a bit of bling, but at its core, just as hateful, bigoted and intolerant as ever.

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  • Because she has a lot of money.

  • She like f’ing destroyed HP.

  • They’re all a bunch of f’ing losers.

    That’s why they hate Obama so much, because he is a *winner*, something they will *never* be.

  • raptured

    When Carly was at HP, my mother-in-law who was employed there witnessed a Carly tour of the premises with her bodyguards. Within hearing distance, she pointed at my mother-in-law and said, “can’t we do something about these grey hairs”? She is a noxious, toxic, self-absorbed Republican. Bless her little heart.

  • cambridgemac

    Don’t forget billionaires and hedge fund managers that don’t agree with them, aka Soros, whom they vilified as “pro-drugs,” rather foreign and (sshhh) sort of jewish.

  • I’ve got to hand it to ya lynchie.

  • benb

    One more example why the Rich and/or Powerful oughta stay out of Politics. Most of ’em are insulated from the real world and have no clue how what they say will affect millions of Americans. But…Carly was in Tech and she well knows what the view of same-sex marriage is in that industry; she’s pandering to the ugliest bigots among conservatives. Values + Guts = Character; Carly’s just a noisemaker.

  • She’s not a GOP “star.” She’s a GOP L-O-S-E-R. And like the rest of her ilk, she doesn’t understand the role of the Supreme Court, nor what the US Constitution means.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    That’s funny. She wants civil rights decided by majority vote of us self-appointed judges, not those self-appointed judges who were actually appointed.

  • sugarstalker

    Gotta love CPAC. We get to observe conservatives up close and uninterrupted, as we would an ant farm or simians in the wild.

  • sugarstalker

    The idea that human rights should be decided by a vote is exactly like suggesting the Constitution should be subjected to a referendum. I now know this woman has nothing to offer.

  • lynchie

    I put you down as a write in vote.

  • lynchie

    No that would be “self-manipulation”

  • lynchie

    What is your definition of successful and politically savy. Failed business, laid off thousands, huge golden parachute, spent millions of her own money on one of the worst run campaigns. As far as the GOP she has a nice rack just like the bimbo from Alaska. If they were short and dumpy like most of the GOP wives, who else would marry them, they would never get on stage.

  • lynchie

    Are you sure the 1% have their money in banks in this country. Let’s just raise taxes on the wealthy. No hidden write offs, no 15% for hedge funds and capital gains you earn you pay.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Well that is Carly Fiorina’s career in High Tech over. Nobody is going to be appointing an anti-gay bigot as CEO of a tech company.

    Of course given her performance at HP it was pretty much over in any case.

  • olandp

    Honey you just have to BE the Queen Bitch of America. That is how self-appointment works, you don’t need anyone’s permission.

  • olandp

    Just when you think she can’t be any worse, this pops out of her mouth. Why stop at voting on Jim Crow Laws and slavery. Why not vote on women’s right to vote, or work, or be paid fairly, or, or, or…

    Had I been any where near her I probably would have slapped her. (Then I’d be writing this from jail, I’m sure.) I also would hae gotten up and slapped the shit out of Ted Cruz, if I were Diane Feinstein.

  • The legislature and the voting public have such a horrid record on civil rights that the judiciary is essential to protecting Americans and their rights.

    Besides, as others have said, if our system was set up to accommodate the viewpoint she’s expressing, she wouldn’t have the rights she enjoys.

  • Stev84

    Judges should never, ever be elected. It says a lot about how stupid the American political system is that this is the case. And even appointed judges are often identified by the President or the party that got them on the bench. It’s a seriously fucked up system.

  • mgreb

    Judges are either elected in a partisan election or are appointed by partisan politicians. If a politician tells you he wants judges to be fair and unbiased is like him telling you he wants a fair and unbiased election.
    ########(The smelly sticky stuff bulls leave behind)

  • dhmspector

    Everyone is missing the biggest point about Ms. Fiorina – why is she looked to as an expert about *anything*?!? The usual talking point is that she is a successful businesswoman and expert in everything from tax policy to how immigration would or would not affect job growth. If you look at Fiorina’s actual career & track record she never been successful. Ever. Not once. In fact, her career is littered with failure and personal narrow escapes from indictments for corporate fraud. From Lucent to HP, nothing but failure… Until she’s outed for the fraud she is, she will still carry this imaginary gravitas the media imbues her with…

  • clarknt67

    Let’s start withe five that appointed Bush president.

  • clarknt67

    Whether it has to do with HRC or not, I”m not sure. But the GOP is desperate to push any candidate that could staunch the bleeding of XY voters from their ticket. Women are losing interest with the party of misogyny, legitimate and illegitimate rapes and vaginal probes. Palin didn’t do it, and won’t and neither will this failed moron. They have to get a smart woman. Unfortunately they are all Democrats.

  • pppppfffffttttt! Palm to forehead and middle finger to you.

  • I absolutely will not use the “C ‘word to describe C in CPAC.

  • “self-appoint’ Is a Catholic code term for impure thoughts, words and deeds.

  • Unfortunately HP doesn’t learn very well from the past. Now Ms. Capitalist Piggy Meg Whitman is in charge and draining the coffers leaps and perks.

  • Or get a free hunk of Government Velveeta to go home!

  • Every time a black judge frees a white racist Carli gets more cellulite.

  • Hue-Man

    Paul Krugman’s blog speculates that it was aimed at the Russian Kleptocracy which has much of its stolen billions in bank accounts in Cyprus. Bringing it back on topic, if the government took 10% of Carly’s ill-gotten wealth, that would be, as we say, a good start! Instead of giving it to the corrupt banking system, however, I would spend it on infrastructure projects to provide jobs for the people she wantonly fired. (It might also be a good way to get the mega-corporations to pay out dividends to their shareholders since they’re sitting on more than $5 TRILLION in cash. Why exactly are we worrying about Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security when there’s so much untaxed cash sitting around making banks even richer?)

  • True enough. I have no doubt they’ll exempt investment accounts, thereby protecting the 0.01%’s plunder.

  • nicho

    They’re not stupid. Their plan to destroy the middle class is proceeding perfectly and according to plan.

  • libertytribune

    Judges should be brought forth before congress to explain their legislating from the bench and if they cant do there job, then perhaps it is time to impeach them.

  • Off-topic: This has to be one of the most moronic moves ever from the Plutocratic Bastard Class:

    Cyprus’s parliament will decide on Monday whether savers must pay a levy on bank deposits under terms for an international bailout to avert bankruptcy – with approval far from certain.

    The euro zone demand on Saturday that savers pay up to 10 percent of deposits as a condition
    for the 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout drew fury in the eastern Mediterranean island and caused some jitters elsewhere in the region.

    Cypriots emptied ATMs after news emerged of bailout terms which broke a previous euro zone taboo on protecting depositors in its efforts to address the regional debt crisis.

    So to recap: To save the banks from the bad loans they made, they’re going to confiscate people’s savings, giving everyone the unambiguous message to launch a continent-wide bank-run. And in case people were wondering if other countries might be included:

    The move — a first in the three-year-old European financial crisis —
    raised questions about whether bank runs could be set off elsewhere in the euro zone. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the president of the group of euro area ministers, declined early Saturday to rule out taxes on depositors in countries beyond Cyprus, although he said such a measure was not currently being considered.

    As Atrios says, we’re ruled by the stupidest fucking people on the planet.


  • clarknt67

    Historically only very old, white men have been smart enough to appoint themselves to the Supreme Court. It just goes to show that all those minorities aren’t very smart.

  • “she’s also a loser”

    Good point, otherwise, why else would she have been chosen to speak at CPAC?

  • clarknt67

    Unless those “self-important, self-appointed judges” are striking down the Affordable Care Act or the Voting Rights Act. That’s freedumb! When they do anything else, it’s tyranny!

  • Asterix

    We can only hope that she also manages to destroy the ultra-right wing faction of the GOP.

    I liked Ike’s republicans a lot more than even today’s Democrats.

  • I keep putting my name up to be self-appointed as Queen Bitch of Amurkah (if not the Universe), but sadly it doesn’t seem to work.

    First on the list today: Putting Carly Fiorina’s right to keep all the millions she plundered from HP up for a popular vote. I’m sure a lot of people feel very personally about what she did, and I think it’s only right that she not be allowed to self-appoint herself to decide whether she’s entitled to all that wealth.

  • In the GOP, as with the entire Plutocratic Bastard Class (of which she is a charter card-carrying member), people only fail upward. It doesn’t matter that she took a reasonably healthy high-tech company and ran it into the ground; all that matters is she warmed her ass in the CEO seat for a while and plundered a few hundred million bucks for herself.

    That is their definition of success now.

  • I wonder if there’s isn’t a breath of the GOP’s decades-old obsession with Hillary Clinton at work here. They want an anti-HRC, a successful and politically savvy professional woman but also a stout right-winger. Sarah Palin was supposed to be the anti-HRC, I suspect, until it turned out that she was dumb as a sack of bricks and chiefly interested in using political campaigns as expense accounts (and even so, judging from her reception at CPAC, a lot of Republicans still think she’s a superstar.)

  • clarknt67

    Obviously the gay community should get to work on “self-appointing” ourselves to the Supreme Court.

  • Wow, you’re still trolling I see. And by the way, you might want to watch some news other than Fox – a federal court will be considering both DOMA and Prop 8 civil rights cases in 9 days. It’s called the Supreme Court.

    As for your false distinction between federal and state courts, you’ll notice that neither Fiorina, nor any other bigoted Republican, ever makes that distinction. They’re not any happier with state judges ruling in favor of the civil rights of blacks, gays, Latinos, women or anyone else, than they are in favor of federal courts doing it.

    The issue is judges, and the fact that far-right that controls the Republican party hates our system of government, hates the judicial branch overall, both federal and state, because in the long run, most of your hateful bigoted policies don’t survive in the courts. That’s why you’re a friend of the popular vote, because it’s a great way to keep those who are unpopular in check.

  • Even more than dissing judicial intervention, Fiorina is also saying that not even state or federal legislatures should get involved in passing civil rights laws.

    “I believe the right way to solve these very personal issues is to let people vote on them, don’t have judges decide it, don’t even have representative government decide it, let people vote on it in the states.”
    (emphasis added)

    I want someone to ask her if it was wrong for Congress to pass and the President to sign into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Or Title IX in 1972, because quite a few people felt it wasn’t appropriate for women to have equal educational opportunities as men.

    Or hell, let’s go all the way back to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the one that outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude. It was passed using supermajorities in the Congress and the state legislatures. Same thing with the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. How about it, Carly? Were all those wrong, too?

    The “democratic process”, as Fiorina puts it, includes representative democracy, and what’s supposed to be three co-equal branches of government, with one of the reasons being to protect the rights of minorities from the tyranny of the majority and from the complacency and institutionalized bigotry of elected legislatures and/or executives.

    And yes — it didn’t pass my notice, as with others here, that these judges are in no way ‘self-appointed’. They were selected — often appointed by executives and approved by legislatures, sometimes elected — as a function of how our government is supposed to work. I’m thinking someone needs to mail her a copy of Marbury v. Madison:

    “It is emphatically the province and the duty of the judicial department to say what the law is.”

  • owen93

    Carly Fiorina was the worst CEO in Silicon Valley and almost destroyed one of our most iconic Tech Enterprises. Then she went on to become an advisor for the failed McCain campaign then stunk the place up with her own failed Senate run. Why this feckless Bimbo is given 5 seconds of air time to bray here nonsense is a total mystery.

  • BlueIdaho

    Like I would give any credibility to someone who drove HP into the ground, was fired and left with a multi-million dollar golden parachute. She couldn’t manage her way out of a paper sack.

  • Wow, your view of the federal courts and what they do is very dated. Most civil rights attorneys now steer clear of federal court.

  • nicho

    Well, at least now we know why she was a spectacular business failure, which unfortunately is not a drawback in the CEO Club.

  • clarknt67

    So many levels or idiocy in that statement. Federal judges are nominated by the Executive branch and confirmed by the Senate (and almost always without exception by bipartisan votes).

  • clarknt67

    Republicans will work to de-legitimize anything that doesn’t serve their goals, the Presidency, elections, the authority of the Supreme Courts (except when it suits them, by challenging the Voting Rights Act and Affordable Care Act, campaign finance law with Citizen’s United… then they LOVE activists Judges).

  • Carly needs to get a memory and an education. If she was living in 1913 instead of 2013, she wouldn’t have the right to vote simply because of her sex. Now that she has what millions of women fought for a century ago, she wants to deny others simply because of sexual orientation. I, as a gay man and an American citizen, am entitled to every right that she has. To say that my rights (but not hers) are at the mercy of a popular vote is the highest form of hypocrisy.

  • “What they don’t always accept is a bunch of self-important, self-appointed judges saying this is culturally the new norm.”

    You know, if anyone is doing the “self-appointing” around here, it’s an incompetent CEO who seems to think for some bizarre reason that managing a once-proud electronics company into the ground qualifies her to hold an opinion on American politics, or indeed on any subject whatever.

  • S1AMER

    How does a judge “self-appoint” him or herself?

  • Hue-Man

    Even better, you make sure only rich white people are registered to vote. In the unlikely event “the others” show up to vote, you make sure they’re intimidated at the polling station or sent to the wrong one or told they get to vote on a special day (after the election). “Free and fair” not unlike “fair and balanced”.

  • Yeah that one struck my eye as well.

  • What judge is “self appointed?”

  • She’s definitely the face of the Republican party: like Palin, she’s also a *loser*.

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