Bill Clinton bunny-eared by Louisville hoops team

Whether you like Bill Clinton’s politics or not, it’s hard to say the guy isn’t a people person.

Scout Prouty (the person behind the 47% video) recently talked about the difference between meeting Bill Clinton at a fundraiser versus meeting Mitt Romney, and the two are like night and day. More than almost any politician out there today, Clinton can connect with people.

Last night, following Louisville’s win in the Big East basketball tournament, Clinton went into the lockerroom to meet the team. The team, of course, loved it and had fun with it, including the always popular bunny-ears over the former president’s head and funny faces in the background. For me I think that it’s pretty cool that everyone could have a laugh and not be uptight.

I compare this to someone that I met a few years back who was invited to the White House to meet former President Bush II. While the setting was different – it was at the White House – all W could do was talk about how wonderful he was and completely ignore the amazing accomplishment of the person who was in front it him. I’m pretty confident that Bill Clinton would have still managed to have some fun, and connect with others even at the White House.

Is there more of a people-person out there that just loves having fun with others? It doesn’t change my opinion of his politics, but I still appreciate the guy’s ability to not always take himself so seriously.

President Clinton with Louisville basketball players

President Clinton with Louisville basketball players

Clinton smiling for the camera with Louisville basketball players

Clinton smiling for the camera with Louisville basketball players

Clinton laughing with the Louisville players

Clinton laughing with the Louisville players

Clinton gets bunny-eared with the Louisville team

Clinton gets bunny-eared with the Louisville team

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  • ronbo

    Who can resist… a charmer? Someone who says all the right words while doing just the opposite? A con man? Someone who blows whichever way the money flows? Someone who steals rights or economic equality while making nice and having fun? Someone who delivered everything the Republicans want while maintaining his aura of being “the first black President”?
    We can’t. We’ve elected the same man…the second black President.
    To fall under the charm of a man, instead of his substance, has proven dangerous. Chris in Paris, please stop feeding his false image of charm. It conceals his substance: sellout to the highest bidder.

  • Schrub tried to be a god like Reagan, who was at least smart enough NOT to start a war he couldn’t finish. So, Schrub told everyone how wonderful he was, without putting on more makeup than some clowns use. Then came the first collapse of Reaganomics in 2008.

  • Bunny ears? Make that a middle finger and I’m there.

  • Yeah, he’s a lovable, cuddly dude that authorized the killing of American kids with tanks. :)

  • dula

    Bankers love him too…for different reasons.

  • OtterQueen

    To be fair, Mttens looked like he was having a blast singing with Meatloaf. Not awkward at all. Nope.

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