Vomit-inducing single-rail rollercoaster (video)

This is a video of a man riding the Mieders Alpine Coaster in Austria.  It’s an actual single-rail rollercoaster, that stretches 1.74 miles down a mountain. From what I can tell of the official Web site, the max speed seems to be 26 mph (it’s in German).  And it’s only 8 euros for adults (a little over $10), less for children – that’s actually far cheaper than I thought.

This looks like a pretty wild ride.

Check out the website – remember, there are no brakes (there’s apparently some debate as to whether the pole in the middle is a brake, and the guy making the video simply meant that “he” didn’t use the brake during his trip).  Of course, imagine someone ahead of you using the brake and going 1 mph while someone going 26 mph comes up behind them.  Oh, in America, they’d close this thing down before it opened.  Just look at that picture, and imagine anyone in the states having the nerve to run this business – never gonna happen.


(NOTE FROM JOHN: I just watched the entire thing, and I think I’m going to be sick.  And I love roller coasters.  My head is actually spinning, and it’s been 20 minutes.)

Here’s the amazing video:

And here’s video of the actual car in motion, what it looks like – it actually looks kind of fun:

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  • sdguppy

    That is a brake, they have similar cars for the cement “Alpine Slides” at various places throughout the US, although they aren’t nearly as long or steep. Still dangerous, as I discovered when my hubby took my 5 year old simultaneously with his brother and brother’s child on the twin run. They decided to race. My five year old suffered head injury, no lasting repercussions, although hubby is now ex-hubby. Stupid is incurable.

  • Glad you enjoyed my video – and yes, the car has brakes, I just didn’t use them :-)

  • I saw that video on the Internet a few months before I rode it…that other video takes about 6 minutes for them to reach the bottom…I did it in 4 minutes :-)

  • I agree…it’s a shame really, but USA is just too litigious, and people sue for anything. In mainland Europe there is generally a more ‘mature’ attitude to risk and people taking responsibility for their own actions. I love filming on coasters but generally speaking in USA it’s a no-no at most parks.

  • It FEELS like 60 but it IS ‘just’ 26mph…but with the steep drops and sharp turns any more than that would perhaps not be so enjoyable!

  • houstonray

    I love that! I would SO ride it. It’s so long too, that’s what I hate about roller coasters generally, it’s over too quickly. I like how they translate everything until the WHOA!!! Sometimes, language is universal. :-)

  • runfastandwin

    Without the brake he’s going a lot faster than 26, more like 60…

  • Freday63

    That’s all fine and dandy until a bear comes along and swipes your head!

  • citizen_spot

    They have something similar in Jackson Hole, but it is more of a wheeled toboggan running down a cement chute, if I recall correctly. I wanted to ride it, but it was closed that afternoon due to a pending thunderstorm.

  • I think the video is probably more dizzifying than the actual ride, those people look happy!

  • OtterQueen

    I would love to ride that! I think it’s funny and quaint that they have wooden stakes and tape to keep people off the track. In the States, they’d have to have a concrete wall topped with barbed wire, and some idiot would still manage to get onto the tracks, get hit, and sue the pants off the place and shut it down.

  • Steve_in_CNJ

    “I wonder what those signs say”. LOL. too funny. It would be just my luck to get stuck behind a slow driver.

  • James Rea

    There is another video on the site that shows a man following his young son down the ride. They are going at a much slower pace than the other video, obviously braking frequently.

  • Jonathan Cline

    The handle between their legs is a brake. He stated that he wasn’t using the brake.

  • oh?

  • pricknick

    Yes they do have a brake.

  • Tatts

    Sooo cool. I want to ride that! Twice!

  • S in PA

    That’s cool. We have a mountain coaster here in the Poconos, at Camelback ski resort, but it’s not a single rail and I think it has brakes.

  • I can’t believe the small kids who rode the ride. I definitely want to try it – though my head is STILL spinning. But I’d be curious how safe it is LOL

  • markofthebeasts

    I wanna!

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