Vomit-inducing single-rail rollercoaster (video)

This is a video of a man riding the Mieders Alpine Coaster in Austria.  It’s an actual single-rail rollercoaster, that stretches 1.74 miles down a mountain. From what I can tell of the official Web site, the max speed seems to be 26 mph (it’s in German).  And it’s only 8 euros for adults (a little over $10), less for children – that’s actually far cheaper than I thought.

This looks like a pretty wild ride.

Check out the website – remember, there are no brakes (there’s apparently some debate as to whether the pole in the middle is a brake, and the guy making the video simply meant that “he” didn’t use the brake during his trip).  Of course, imagine someone ahead of you using the brake and going 1 mph while someone going 26 mph comes up behind them.  Oh, in America, they’d close this thing down before it opened.  Just look at that picture, and imagine anyone in the states having the nerve to run this business – never gonna happen.


(NOTE FROM JOHN: I just watched the entire thing, and I think I’m going to be sick.  And I love roller coasters.  My head is actually spinning, and it’s been 20 minutes.)

Here’s the amazing video:

And here’s video of the actual car in motion, what it looks like – it actually looks kind of fun:

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