Republicans up in arms over duck sex

The right wing is up in arms that the federal government is allegedly funding a study of duck penises while shutting down things like Head Start centers because of sequestration.  Politifact looked into the charge, and found that it’s kind of right and kind of wrong.

You see, the National Science Foundation is studying duck penises, but it’s mostly money that’s already been spent – the grant ends this year – so there’s nothing to cut.

The study itself is kind of interesting, as Politifact explains. In a nutshell, female ducks have developed a method of shutting down pregnancy from rape.  In essence, as Politifact says, Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin was right… not about women, but about ducks.  Though NSF could have saved themselves some money and simply watched this Isabella Rossellini video about duck sex and be done with it.

Of course, this has nothing to do with ducks (though it does have a little to do with penises and supposed GOP victorian purity), and a lot to do with the larger problem of Republicans hating science.  We’ve written about this before.  Whether it’s their ongoing opposition to evolution and climate change, or Marco Rubio’s claim that no one knows how old the earth really is (hint: 4.5 billion years).

Or their efforts to redefine religion as “science” through legislative fiat.

Or their theories that riding bikes causes global warming because you exhale.

Or the recent study that showed only one-third of college-educated conservatives “believe” in science (how do you not “believe” in science?).

Or the time the Republicans corrupted the scientific review process at the FDA.

Or when Texas forced the resignation of the state science curriculum head because she believed in evolution.

Or even when a GOP senator compared global warming science to Hitler’s propaganda.

So when Republicans complain about duck penises, it’s a canard.  Republicans don’t like science even when it sounds normal.

The problem for Republicans isn’t that they think science isn’t true.  Their problem with science is that it is true, and they know it.

Republicans learned long ago that truth has a liberal bias.   It’s why Republicans hate judges, it’s why they hate the media (the one entity powerful enough to poke holes in their lies), and it’s why they hate science.

It’s hard to run a political party based on lies when people keep telling the truth.

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