Seal pup surfers (video)

A guy fixed a camera to his surfboard in Puget Sound, and then set it afloat, hoping some newly-weaned seal pups might play with it.  His plan worked.

Somehow this group of seal pups remind me of my cats. I could easily see the two of them trying over and over to jump up on a little lookout point.

It’s really cute when the seals who are already on the board give funny glances over to the newcomer who is trying to make it up there.  There’s also a seagull on the far end of the board, oblivious.


Spoiler alert: The little guy does finally succeed in the end.

When the newcomer tries (and slips and slides) you can see the others hoping that they won’t slip off due to the moving surfboard.

And keep watching until the end, his perseverance pays off.

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