Murdoch’s empire accused of 600 more phone hackings

The Republican Party’s favorite mouthpiece is in trouble again. Rupert Murdoch’s empire has already admitted to hacking the phones of eight people, but the problem continues. An additional 600 new allegations of phone hacking by a News Corp (now closed) newspaper are now being investigated.

The ugly story first emerged in 2011, when a News Corp’s UK tabloid was accused of hacking into the phone of a young girl who was murdered. The hacking erased several voice messages on the already-dead girl’s cell phone, which left the family with false hope that their young daughter was still alive (since who else could have erased her voice mails?).  The Murdoch tabloid continued to report the story, apparently knowing full well why the voice mails were erased.

Speaking as someone who was left wondering if a family member was alive or dead for days (in my family’s case, my brother had died) it’s hard to imagine anything more cruel than giving false hope to a family, and then profiting from their misery by selling stories about it. But that’s the Murdoch way. Nothing is too low for a story that sells.

Rupert Murdoch via Shutterstock

Rupert Murdoch via Shutterstock

The Murdoch tabloid didn’t leave it there. They also were alleged to have hacked into the phones of those killed in the London 7/7 bombings. Again, the story was too good and the families were left to suffer.

Many more cases emerged involving celebrities, politicians and regular people. Murdoch’s response? Rupert Murdoch called the victims “scumbags” for caring about the invasion and abuse of their privacy. Again, this is the man that the GOP can’t get enough of.

And now there are more allegations, via the Guardian of 600 new incidents of alleged phone-hacking.

There’s a reason why a UK parliamentary report found Murdoch “unfit” to run a global company. He remained quiet when the news broke that his employees were reported to have been hiding evidence, and while a UK police report showed that Murdoch’s paper showed disregard for the law and lied to the police.

Remind me again why he’s so loved and respected by the right wingers?

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  • devlzadvocate

    Rupert Murdoch and “hack” in the same sentence is redundant.

  • Ninong

    Someone needs to suggest to Anonymous that it would be a great idea if they published embarrassing personal communications involving the Murdoch clan or their underlings, especially if infidelity is involved.

  • Ninong

    If you’re a politician or a movie star and you weren’t hacked by one of Rupert Murdoch’s lackeys, it means you’re a nobody.

  • olandp

    Love and respect might be wrong. Probably they fear him and wouldn’t cross him, you just know he has files that J. Edgar Hoover would envy, and if not, just make it up.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Rather less faithful than you might imagine.

    Rupert ditched the UK tories when he realized John Major was in trouble and he backs the Chinese government to the hilt on his Asian properties while slagging them off in the US.

    Only one thing Rupert is loyal to and that is Rupert Murdoch.


  • Like most repukes would state: “If you were not doing anything illegal, then what’s the problem?”…

  • Murdoch is loved and respected by the right-wingers because he faithfully and loyally operates their propaganda media empire, never failing to give the ‘news’ a spin to support the wingnuts’ political parties, whether it’s the Tories in the UK or the Republicans here in the US.

  • Someone should hack Murdock, and not in a good way.

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