30 years ago, Michael Jackson debuted the Moonwalk

It was 30 years ago yesterday that Michael Jackson introduced the world to “the moonwalk,” his signature dance move that he revealed during a performance of his then-new song Billy Jean.

You can see Michael do the move about 4:15 into the video, below, and then again towards the end.

Bill-Bailey-moonwalkUPDATE: A few of the readers informed me that Michael Jackson did not invent the moonwalk, though he certainly launched into worldwide super-fame. In fact, Bill Bailey (Pearl’s brother) did the moonwalk, a tap-dancing move called the backslide, all the way back in 1955 .

Check out this video of Bailey around the two minute mark.

I was never crazy for Michael Jackson, but I did love Thriller, which I’ll post below the Billy Jean video. Now that one rocked – can you avoid doing the dead dance at your computer while Vincent Prince is speaking? I, alas, cannot.

Enjoy. Here’s Michael NOT inventing the moonwalk.

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