What every child needs, an NRA baby bib

If baby is too young for his first pre-school shooting, he can still enjoy the thrill of the Second Amendment with his very own NRA baby bib.



See how the little blocks spell N R and A?  (Not Really Appropriate?)

The NRA is also selling itty bitty t-shirts with “NRA” written in crayon.  I understand they tried blood, but it washed out too easily.

NRA-crayon-tshirts-This comes on the news a few weeks ago that the NRA launched a shoot-em-up iPhone app, geared at kids as young as four years of age, only three weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in which 20 six- and seven- year-old children were shot dead, three times each child, by a fan of the Second Amendment.

We also uncovered that the iPhone app wasn’t simply a pro-gun toy, it was actually a clandestine propaganda machine, feeding kids biased “news” about guns that, by coincidence of course, blasted only Democrats.

Perhaps it’s time the NRA left America’s kids alone.


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