Weekend cooking – Ratatouille

Keeping with the eggplant/aubergine theme from yesterday, another favorite recipe. Ratatouille is something that I used to not care for but then I discovered that the problem was not the ingredients, but the preparation. Too many people plop it all in the pan at the same time and there’s too much liquid. For me, I prefer it when it has an almost creamy texture rather than watery texture.

To avoid the watery version, you either need to cook each product separately in batches (with space left in the pan) or break up the mixture and cook separately as you see in this video. Another nice alternative is cooking the veggies in the oven but again, you need to keep it from getting watery. It’s the eggplant/aubergine that really gives it the creaminess so don’t skimp on it.

The only adjustments that I might make would be to add fresh herbs (basil or thyme) and I always opt to use real sea salt. I never buy processed salt and exclusively use French sea salt from either Guérande, Aigues-Mortes/Camargue or Ile de Ré. Even though it’s not cheap in the US (it’s not expensive here) it takes a while to go through it and it does taste a lot better.

The beauty of ratatouille is that it can be served hot or cold, as a main or a side. It’s also a great vegetarian option and there’s not even dairy involved, so it appeals to everyone. There aren’t many dishes that have such flexibility.

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  • I can see the merit of removing the center of an eggplant, especially if it’s big. You cut it open and it’s all seeds and spongy pith in the middle. Summer squashes get like that too.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the dish. I would never cut out the center of the eggplant though. Also, he should take his shirt off when he’s cooking!

  • UncleBucky

    Eggplant weekend? This weekend? :O

    Did I miss something? :)

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